After a gear oil for your classic car?

Tracking down the correct specification gear oil for your classic vehicle can be a nightmare. If you are lucky enough to find the correct viscosity and specification product, then there is always the chance that it is of low quality, using the cheapest possible base stocks.

This is where Millers Oils come in with their classic range of “Pistoneeze” and “Millerol” oils. They provide a comprehensive range of classic gear oils that are designed specifically for the classic market, combining quality base stocks with the correct specifications – at the right price too!

You can find the full range of Millers Classic Gear Oils HERE. We’ll take a quick look at a couple of their products which are very popular in classic applications, which have proven themselves very effective in various vehicles from the 1920s and 1940s.

Millers Oils Classic Gear Oil EP 80w-90 GL4

First up, we’ve got the Millers Oils Classic Gear Oil EP 80w-90 GL4. The EP stands for “extreme pressure” and is an SAE 80w-90. The base stocks are mineral, which is perfect for older engines that don’t get on with synthetics, and it’s got a healthy dose of performance additives. Engineered for gearboxes and differentials requiring an EP lubricant to API GL4, and also suitable for rear axles not requiring hypoid oils. If you’ve got concerns about the brass and bronze components in your vintage engine, you can rest assured that this is “non stain” which means it is completely suitable and will cause no damage. Available in 1 litre containers, 5 litre containers and even 25 litre drums, there is a size for whatever job you’ve got planned. You can find it HERE.

Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Green Gear Oil

Next up, we’ll have a look at the Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Green Gear Oil 90 GL1 and Millers Oils Vintage Millerol Green Gear Oil 140 GL1. Both of these are non extreme pressure mineral based gear oils, the only difference is their viscosity. Designed specifically for vintage transmission systems, their formulation ensures smooth running and reliable operation of your transmission. This is thanks to the inclusion of inhibitors that prevent the formation of rust, promote good oxidation resistance, and ultimately, encourage long life of the whole system. Designed for transmission systems that prelude the use of extreme (EP) pressure types, this is perfect for some real classics out there, even from the 1920s! You can find the SAE 90 HERE, and the SAE 140 version HERE.

If there are any other parts you’re after for your classic vehicle, then you can find the whole range of what we do HERE. You’ll find an array of parts and accessories, classic greases, and those all important lead replacements and additives. Got a classic motorbike? You may want to have a look HERE. You’ll be surprised at what we have to offer!

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