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Castrol Classics – Clothing, Collectibles and Regalia

The truly dedicated among us will already be deep in planning for all the motor shows, hill climbs and classic vehicle events that they are going to attend this year. You could argue that the racing season never really stopped, winter has only been a chance to catch up on all those little jobs you’ve been meaning to do on your vintage car or motorbike.

If you’ve got a classic vehicle, and plan on showing it this year, you’re going to want to look the part. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money getting your vehicle faithfully restored, or simply making sure the little details stay true to the original design, it seems a waste to not complete the look with some genuine Castrol Classics paraphernalia.

The items in this range are all designed with that retro look in mind, using colours and logos that harken back to the world of classic motorsport. Castrol were a huge name back in the day, and still are, the Castrol Classic logo being recognised the world over, from massive events such as Goodwood Revival and Silverstone Classic. At Opies, we’ve got a little something that should appeal to everyone, whether it’s a simple key fob or an enamel sign and fridge magnet for your workshop/man cave:

With the code: OPIEBLOG you get an additional 10% discount on your order, so be sure to use it.

If you’re after fluids for your classic vehicle, then we’ve got you covered too, with Castrol Classics having a comprehensive range as well as products from the likes of Millers Oils, Silkolene, Motul and Gulf Classic. You’ll find oils for your engine, gearbox, differential and axle, as well as a huge range of classic greases, shock absorber oils and lead replacements/additives.

We’ve also got a massive catalogue of essential parts and accessories  available, designed from the ground up for the classic market to cover Austin Minis, MGs, Aston Martins and many more. From fuel caps, badges, mirrors, horns, gear knobs, wiper blades and headlamps, you can find them all HERE.

If you’ve got rust on your mind, then you can find all of our top quality anti-corrosion treatments HERE, including our newest addition to the team ACF-50.

We’ve got a great deal of experience in the classic motorsport area, so if you need any advice, then our friendly team of specialists will be happy to help. You can give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to, we’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30.

Enjoy your tinkering – until next time!







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