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Boost your Octane by using Millers Oils CVL

Millers Oils are known for their Nanodrive oils. However, did you know they also do Fuel Treatments & Octane Booster? The two most popular are Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax & Millers Oils Petrol Power Ecomax. Did you know they also do Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster? In this blog post, we take a look at Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster, we look at the benefits of the Octane Booster.


Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster is an Octane booster and combustion based on advanced manganese chemistry. If we take a look at the performance profile of Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster we can see for maximum benefit use in conjunction with premium, higher octane unleaded fuel. Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster can boost your Octane point by 4 POINTS!! One bottle of Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster will treat 20L of unleaded Petrol.

It is also being used by an increasing number of engine builders to compensate for the deterioration in pump fuel.  We personally have a lot of Opie Oils sponsored drivers who use this. It is very popular with track day and hill sprints driver’s however, it is also used by people who don’t track or race their car and they have given us amazing feedback.

Millers Oils CVL Turbo is also known as;

  • Millers Oils CVL Turbo
  • Millers CVL Turbo
  • Millers Octane improver

All these are the same, just a different name.

You can get an additional 10% discount with the code OPIEBLOG.

If you’re after more servicing items, you can find them HERE. From spark plugs and glow plugs to wiper blades, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is enter your vehicle details to get started.

That’s all from us for today, but as ever, you can give us a call on 01209 202 944, drop us an email to sales@opieoils.co.uk or even send us a message on here. We’ll answer as quickly as possible, we’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30.

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