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Buy your Momo at Opie Oils – Prices start at just £6.98

We all know the brand Momo and the quality that they offer, so it was an easy decision for us to add it to the Opie Oils web site and we’ve not just added a little bit, we now have over 200 Momo products! This includes Momo Steering Wheels, Hubs, Centre Pieces, Gear Knobs and Gaiters and various other accessories designed to finish off the look and feel of your car.

Come and check it out for yourself in our Momo section. All the products are together but you can use the filter on the left hand side to narrow down the results. Orders can be placed online or over the phone, if you have any questions then give us a call or drop us an email at sales@opieoils.co.uk.

– Opie Oils

Roof Racks / Bars, Cycle Carriers, Cargo Bags & Elastic Bungees now available

Summit Roof Racks / Bars, Cycle Carriers, Cargo Bags & Elastic Bungees just added to Opie Oils

We are constantly adding new product lines to our web site and these aren’t just oils and fluids. Recent additions include Summit Roof Racks, Cycle Carriers, Cargo Bags and those handy Elastic Bungee cords.

Our Multi Fit Roof Racks start from just £36.98, these affordable bars  are designed to easily fit without the need for extra parts or specialist tools. Depending on your vehicle’s specifications they are able to carry a maximum load of 75kg! The crossbars are made of steel and come fitted with moulded protective sleeves with a polyester coating. To help you find the correct roof racks for your vehicle our in house web team have put together an easy to use look up guide > > >

Other Summit additions include cycle carriers from just £19.94, cargo bags from £51.42 and bungees from only £1.98 a pair!

As always one of the helpful bunch at Opie Oils will be happy to answer and questions you may have, you can call us from 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday or drop us an email at sales@opieoils.co.uk.


Opie Oils


Great New Product Ranges to Opie Oils – Waxoyl & Swarfega

A great new range of products to to Opie Oils

A great new range of Waxoyl underbody sprays and rust treatments

Waxoyl is pretty much a household name with any motor enthusiast, they’re well known for providing high quality rust & corrosion prevention, arrier and treatment products Their high quality products have been continuously developed using over 50 years experience. Waxoyl is well known for being a brand that outperforms virtually all its competitors, be it in the lab or workshop and are endorsed by professionals all over the world, who use the products every day.

View all Waxoyl Products

A great new range of Swarfega hand cleaners

The World Famous, Mechanic Hand Cleaning Solution. Swarfega has been around since the 40’s and many DIY and professional mechanics swear by it.
There’s nothing worse than trying to get your hands clean after getting them ingrained with grease & grime, but unfortunately this comes with the territory of working with motor vehicles. Swarfega, using their many years of experience, have developed highly effective hand cleaning solutions that can cope with all manner of levels of dirt depending on which variety you choose.

View all Swarfega Products

*IMPORTANT: Waxoyl & Swarfega will be removed from the Launch15 Voucher code on 17th February 2014

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Opie Oils New Range Of Bilt Hamber Products

Bilt Hamber – Opie’s new extended range of products!

Our range of Bilt Hamber products is extremely popular, our customers love them… in fact we love them to, so much so that we’ve decided to extend our stocked range! As with all things Bilt Hamber you get high quality unique products that do exactly what they’re meant to. Browse the new lines below and follow the links to find out more or purchase.

Bilt Hamber App-Pads - Foam Applicator Pad
Bilt Hamber Auto Foam - Snow Foam Prep Cleaner for pressure washer foam lances
Bilt Hamber Auto QD - Concentrated quick detailer spray
Bilt Hamber Cleanser Fluid
Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50 Extreme Duty Anti-Corrosion Wax
Bilt Hamber Ferrosol - high-quality lubricant free from silicone, ptfe, molybdenum disulphide, or chlorinated
Bilt Hamber Finis Wax - Enhanced carnauba paste
Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax - The ultra durable deep shine carnauba wax
Bilt Hamber Micro Fine Paint Conditioner
Bilt Hamber Xylene - Powerful paint thinner
 Bilt Hamber Auto Mitt - Deep pile genuine sheepskin mitt
View all our Bilt Hamber products
Genuine Honda S2000 Oil Filter

NEW IN – Genuine S2000 Honda Oil Filter (15400-PCX-004)

This Genuine Honda Filter 15400-PCX-004 is designed for Honda S2000 Engines

Genuine Honda filters are a favourite of Honda owners as the OEM units have superb quality and filtration and after customer requests, we now stock them. These filters are designed by Honda in order to give high quality long lasting oil filtration of engine oil, ensuring your oil is free from thickened lumps and/or oil debris.

Buy Your Honda S2000 Oil Filter Here

  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Axle Stands From Opie Oils
  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Crawler Boards From Opie Oils
  • Trolley Jacks From Opie Oils
  • Chocks From Opie Oils

New Lifting range – Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands – launched at Opie Oils

Working on your vehicle just got that bit easier. We’ve just launched an extensive range of trolley jacks and axles stands on our website, all at great prices and all available to purchase online today.

Making sure that you get your car (or other vehicle) safely raised up and secured into position is vital before you start working underneath or start removing wheels etc. Here at Opie we always recommend the use of axles stands and wheel chocks, after all, car’s are not light so you defiantly don’t want it sliding off the jack ruining delicate parts of your vehicle or, if you’re under it, delicate parts of yourself.

We currently stock an extensive range of Polco and Laser stands, jacks and accessories, two of the leading brands out there. This means we’ve something for everyone, from the DIY mechanic who needs a good solid jack and axle stands to the professional that needs a heavy duty / more commercial jack or maybe a crawler board that will help them in the daily task of sliding in and out from the underbelly of cars.