High quality spark plugs improve emissions in winter months. Fact!

With the winter months looming upon us, reliability is vital for drivers. But fuel efficiency and economy are increasingly important – and often overlooked – characteristics drivers now demand, meaning it is vital to have the most reliable and efficient ignition parts fitted.

These winter months result in an increase in cold starts which require effective spark plug performance. One of the leading causes of hard starting is degraded Spark Plugs which can have a highly negative impact on fuel consumption and emissions.


Winter is coming…

With the advent of the cold weather, dropping temperatures can affect various electrical components on your vehicle – it’s no wonder that this is the busiest time of the year for breakdown services.

To quote a well known fantasy TV show “Winter is coming” and this puts considerable strain on all parts of your vehicles systems. So, spare a thought for those key components of your vehicle that bare the brunt of the winter season. Have a look below for a quick heads up on some of these more common products that are known to suffer.

Get a grip! Snow chains ready to go at Opies

Let’s be honest, when it snows in the UK, everything grinds to a halt. School and work is cancelled, public transport isn’t running and pretty much all aspects of our infrastructure is unable to cope the minute that the first few flakes start to fall. Panic ensues.

However, YOU can be a shining beacon of hope and stability in these dark and wintery times, powering through the snow drifts to save the day. How, you ask? Well, snow chains of course!


Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 Pure Plus at Opie Oils

If you are looking for Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 for your vehicle then Opie Oils have you covered.

Shell Oil is recognised as the world leader in lubricant technology. Shell Oil investment in lubricant research and development is unrivalled, and their experience extends over 75 years. Shell Oils scientists are constantly testing and improving oils. Opie Oils stock and sell the very popular Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 Pure Plus Fully Synthetic Engine Oil.

Classic car owner? Time for an oil change?

Hi all

Today we’re going to be talking about sump plugs and classic cars. Specifically, magnetic sump plugs and the benefits of upgrading to one with your classic vehicle.

We all know that owning a classic car is a blessing as well as a curse. A double-edged sword, to be dramatic. You’ll need a considerable amount of patience, passion and know-how to make sure your classic car makes it to all the shows and rallies each year. Even the most enthusiastic DIY mechanic can be at his wits end before you even get it on the road. However, at Opies, we believe that this is a price well worth paying to be the proud owner of a vintage vehicle – those classic curves and that unique driving experience don’t come for free.

Due to the way a classic engine is put together, and the tolerences inherent in its design, they naturally have slightly “dirtier” engines in comparison to your run of the mill modern car. Dirt and metal particles are your enemy, and they run around in the oil, which of course leads to numerous wear and mechanical issues. Thankfully, your prayers have been answered – Opies have a simple solution which will drastically improve the efficiency of your engine and make it all the more reliable. Gold Plugs!



Get your motorhome ready for the winter with Fenwicks

It’s safe to say that summer is long gone, and we are all now beginning to feel winter creeping up on us. You’ve had your last holiday of the season in your trusty motorhome or caravan, and it’s time to put it into hibernation until spring returns. Of course, now you’ve got those really fun jobs such as draining the chemical toilet and all other water based systems to prevent freeze damage to look forward to, but there’s another equally important prerequisite to storage that is often overlooked – creating a protective layer for the exterior of your unit to protect it over the winter months.

Luckily for you, Opies stock a product that is perfect for creating this protective “jacket” that is durable enough to keep you covered all winter – Fenwicks Over Wintering Exterior Protector.