Warehouse Extension forges ahead for new year

The weather has hindered the progress for the last few weeks, however we have had a bit of a break for things to really get going.




This was the first day that there wasn’t rain and wind for several weeks – we actually had a beautiful Cornish winters day, blue sky and all! The builders took advantage of this and really got cracking on the foundations, won’t be long until the walls start going up, we’ll be sure to update you by then.

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Castrol Syntrans B 75W: Back in stock at Opie Oils

As I expect some of you with BMWs may have noticed, there have been supply issues for the Castrol Syntrans B 75W over the past 6 months or so. Well, we are pleased to announce that the drought is officially over and we have it back on the shelf and ready to go!



Castrol Syntrans B 75W is a fully synthetic gearbox oil designed specifically for manual gearboxes used in BMW passenger cars. Does your BMW require the API GL-4 or ZF TE-ML 11 specifications? If so, then look no further as this is the stuff you need. In fact, we recommend this for pretty much every BMW manual box since about 2004 – excluding a couple of specifics of course.



  • Excellent gear and bearing protection critical for in-line transmission performance
  • Exceptional cold flow properties giving smoother gear shift at low temperatures
  • High shear stability, giving a constant viscosity during oil life
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability for transmission cleanliness, longer oil life and seal protection

This fantastic product is available from as little as £17.95 per litre, and there are even better savings to be had – for example, a 5 litre bundle of this comes in at £74.95, making it just £14.99 per litre!

At Opie Oils, we have the UKs largest online selection of Castrol gear oils, differential oils and ATFs, so it’s definitely worth having a look.

Don’t forget, if you’re thinking of changing your gearbox oil, we also offer a huge variety of engine oil and filter service kits that are tailored specifically to your vehicle, with prices starting from as little as £17.99. These bespoke kits make an oil change an easy and mess free job as you will receive a free disposable funnel, gloves and handy wipes, as well as an OEM quality oil filter and the correct amount of the correct oil. Just CLICK HERE for our look up guide and start entering your vehicle details to find the kit for you.

If there’s anything else you need, from advice on the correct engine oil, diff oil, gear oil or coolant, to choosing Brembo brake parts or spark plugs – we’ve got it covered, just give us a call on 01209 202 944 8:30 – 5:30 Monday to Friday, or drop us an email on sales@opieoils.co.uk we’ll be happy to help!

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Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40: £7.54 off the RRP of £71.49

Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT fully synthetic engine oil – with an RRP of £71.49 for 5 litres, we are offering this for the great Opies price of £63.95, a saving of £7.54!



At Opie Oils, we are proud to stock a wide range of Millers Oils, they are world famous for making the highest quality performance oils. The Millers Nanodrive Oils are the ultimate in “low friction high power oils” providing a fully synthetic, triple ester based oil with Nano Technology.

As you can imagine, using this competition standard oil leads to a range of benefits:

  • significantly reduced friction
  • Reduced component wear
  • Reduced heat production
  • Increased power output
  • Increased torque

The basic principle behind this Nanodrive formulation is to release power through friction reduction, whilst maximising wear protection.

The Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT is one of our most popular viscosity choices in this range, suitable for a wide array of vehicles and all kinds of applications – from fast road/street, modified engines, race, rally, sprints and even hill climbs, this will have you covered. It’s worth having complete peace of mind that you have a top quality product in your vehicle, all for the great price of £63.95 for 5 litres.

Not sure if the Millers Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT is the correct viscosity for your particular set up? Not to worry, we offer a wide range of other viscosity Nanodrive offerings from Millers Oils, all with great savings off RRP, why not have a look HERE.

Please feel free to give us a call Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 on 01209 202 944 if there’s anything else you need. Alternatively, drop us an email on sales@opieoils.co.uk we’ll be happy to help!

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Valvemaster Plus – Back in stock at Opie Oils

The Castrol Valvemaster Plus drought is over…We have it on the shelf!



Those of you with a classic, veteran or vintage vehicle will have been aware of a shortage for a certain product from Castrol recently – the Castrol Valvemaster Plus has been experiencing manufacturing delays for the past few months.

We are pleased to announce that this has now been resolved and we are able to begin redistribution straight away, it’s in stock and ready to go – so sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got that all important fuel additive for your vintage vehicle covered.

This excellent product has a wide range of benefits:

  • Lead replacement and coolant boost
  • Protects against valve seat recession
  • Octane boost
  • Extremely economical – one millilitre treats one litre!
  • Independently tested to show highest levels of protection
  • Allows your vehicle to run on 95RON unleaded petrol
  • Endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

We’ve also got a considerable amount of other products for vintage vehicles including motorbikes, from fluids to clothing, collectibles and regalia – why not take a look at our entire range HERE.

Not sure if this is suitable for your particular set up? Not a problem, we’d be happy to look into it for you – simply give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us a message on our contact form.


Everyone loves an Opie Oils Delivery

Hi Folk’s

Opie Oils get lots of people sending in pictures of their Opie Oils delivery. This one stuck out for us and we would like to thank Nathan Thomas for this picture and letting us use it!


Opie Oils works hard to make sure everything is packed so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. However,  we need to work on Parrot proof packaging.

This proves that what ever species you are, you can get excited about the Opie Oils Air Fresheners.

Once again a massive thank you to Nathan Thomas.

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Opie Oils Ice Scrapers – from as little as 95p

There’s still a few months of cold weather left – don’t get caught in a cold snap!

The excuse of being late to work because you had to wait for your windscreen to defrost will only work so many times before the boss picks up on it. At Opie Oils, we’ve got the age old solution to this age old problem – Ice scrapers!




We’ve got a range of these essential winter motoring pieces, available in different colours and styles, we’re sure there’s something that you’ll find suitable. At Opie Oils, we’re of the opinion that if something isn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it – there’s a reason that a good quality ice scraper is still the quickest and most effective way of clearing your iced windscreen. This still rings true even 100 years after the invention of the windscreen, all the way back in 1904.


Combine this with our range of superb quality spray de-icers for the ultimate combination in battling those winter blues, and don’t forget about our Michelin and Sumex snow chains to keep you covered whatever the road throws at you!

Until next time, drive safe



Upgrade your Wiper blades with Opie Oils from as little as £2.95

Hi Folk’s

Winter maybe on the way out however it is the perfect time to change your wiper blades. Opie Oils have a large range of wiper blades to fit every vehicle from Denso, Fister, Trico at amazing prices! Our Wiper blades start from as little as £2.95!!


The Most Common Wiper blades problem;

Streaking this happens when the rubber dries out, hardens or cracks. This can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances that has gathered on either the windscreen or the blade.

Skipping normally occurs when the blade develops an arc due to lack of use.

Wearing starts when the blade is used extensively as the rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.

Splitting is when the sun’s ray damage the rubber causing it to breakdown and separate from the frame.

Damage wiper blades can cause you to FAIL your MOT. To prevent any  damages or failing your MOT, we advise you to change your wiper blades once a year. Opie Oils have a large range of Wiper blades.

Opie Oil’s offer a wide range of wiper blades. Below is the complete range of wiper blades;

Fister Blades from as little as £2.95!! Fister are designed to offer you high performance at a budget price.

Trico NeoForm Blades start from as little as £9.95!! Trico NeoForm Wiper Blades are made with a surface protector for a smoother wipe and longer life.

Trico Exact Fit range starts from as little as £4.96!! Trico Exact Fit gives you an like-to-like direct replacement for the original equipment blades

Denso Beam Wiper Blades start from £12.95!! Denso Beam Wiper Blades will hug very closely and evenly so you can see clearly in the worst  weather conditions.

Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades start from £6.95!! Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades  are the original equipment choice of some of the top vehicle manufacturer’s.

Denso Standard Wiper Blades from as little as £4.96!!  Denso Standard Wiper Blades offers the same premium quality and value to the after-market replacement market.

Struggling to find the right Wiper Blade for your Vehicle? Opie Oils are here to help! Use our helpful look up guide to find the right Wiper Blades for you. Opie Oils Look up guide can be found HERE>>>

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Opie Oils – Oil and filter service kits

Engine Oil and filter service kits at Opie Oils: An OEM quality filter and the correct amount of oil for a FULL change – tailored to your specific vehicle

With the Opie Oils engine oil and filter service kit look up guide, we make it easy to find everything you need for your vehicles oil change – With prices starting from as little as £17.99

oil and filter top up kit blog post


Ensuring that your car has the right engine oil is an important part of keeping it running smoothly. Benefits of an oil change include:

  • Correct lubrication
  • Cooling
  • Cleaning
  • Internal component protection

There is also the considerable financial benefit gained when doing this at home and cutting the garage out of the equation – should you choose to take your service kit to the garage then it’s good to know that they will be using a top quality oil in your vehicle, rather than the “standard” oil used in garages for servicing – it’s worth it just for the peace of mind.

As part of this, you will also receive an OEM quality filter, as well as the option of choosing a top of the range K&N filter that has been matched using an extensive fitment database, so you can rest assured that you will be fitting only high quality products to your vehicle. Combined with this is a FREE disposable filling kit which includes a funnel, gloves and handy wipes – making your oil change easy and mess free!

To get started, simply follow this link and enter your vehicle details to find the specific kit for your vehicle, it’s really that easy.


Got a race, track or custom vehicle? Not a problem, get in touch with our recommendation form and we’ll match the right products to your specific set up, it’s condition and even your style of driving. Alternatively, give us a call on 01209 202 944 and we’ll be happy to help!


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Spark Plug Firing End Appearances And What They Mean

Hi Folks,

Ensuring your spark plugs are functioning correctly is an important part of keeping your engine in good health. But how can you tell the difference between a plug that’s doing it’s job, and one that’s on it’s last legs? Well, the appearance of the firing-end of a used spark plug directly reflects the condition of an engine, so Opie Oils and NGK have got together to show you the different appearances of the firing end of a spark plug and how to interpret what this can actually mean.

Normal Condition


If the firing end of the spark plug is brown or light grey, the engine condition can be judged to be good and the spark plug is functioning correctly.






The gathering of different deposits on the firing end is influenced by oil leakage, fuel quality and engine operating period. The deposits can come from Carbon, Lead, Bromine, Calcium, Sulphur, Barium and Zinc.




Dry and Wet Fouling


Dry and Wet Fouling is another way the firing end can be damaged. If the insulation resistance between the centre electrode and the “shell” is over 10M ohms the engine can start up normally, however if the insulation resistance drops to 0 the firing end is fouled by either wet or dry carbon.



Lead Fouling  

Leadfouling If your spark plug firing end looks yellowish brown on the insulator nose, this is found on spark plugs that have been damaged by lead. Also, this particular type of damage cannot be detected by a resistance tester at room temperature.  Lead compounds combines at different temperatures; those formed at 370-420 degrees Celsius have the biggest influence on the resistance.







If your spark plug has overheated, the insulator tip is glazed or glossy. Deposits which have gathered on the insulator tip have melted, and there is a chance that the insulator will have blistered.






Breakage is normally caused by a thermal shock due to sudden heating or cooling – replace immediately!





Normal Life


A worn spark Plug not only wastes fuel but also strains the whole ignition, this is because is requires a higher voltage. A worn spark plug can reduce the engine efficiency by reducing the fuel economy and increases the exhaust emissions. For your reference, The normal rate of gap growth is about 0.01 0.02mm/1,000 Km for four stroke engines and about 0.02 0.04mm/1,000 Km for two stroke engines.




Erosion, Corrosion, Oxidation


The electrodes have oxidized, and when the oxidation is heavy there will be green on the surface.  The surfaces of the electrodes are also fretted and rough.





Abnormal Erosion


An Abnormal Erosion is caused by corrosion, oxidation,  or reaction with the lead. This results in abnormal gap Growth.





Lead Erosion


Lead Erosion is caused by the lead compounds in the gasoline which react chemically with the material of the electrodes (nickel alloy) at high temperatures. Crystals of nickel alloy fall off because of the lead compounds permeating and separating the grain boundary of the nickel alloy. Typical lead erosion causes the surface of the electrode to become thinner and the tip of the electrode looks like it has been chipped.






If the firing end is melted, this means it has over heated. Mostly, this will result in the electrode surface being rather lustrous and uneven. FYI, the melting point of nickel alloy is 1,200 – 1,300 degrees Celsius.




If you’re wondering how often should you change your spark plugs, Opie Oils are sorry to say there is no single simple answer to this question.  The best guide is the manufacturer’s recommendation for your vehicle, as this particular service varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and brand to brand.

To find the right spark plug for your vehicle please follow this link

That’s all from us today



It’s competition time at Opie Oils


Roll up, roll up – It’s New Year and time for the Opie Oils competition!

Our competition is now OPEN to enter, up for grabs is a GoPro HERO4 Session worth £169 – Included with this great piece of tech is:


  • Standard frameIMG_6365

  • Low-profile frame

  • Curved adhesive mount

  • Flat adhesive mount

  • Ball joint buckle

  • Mounting buckles and hardware

  • Micro-USB cable

Sound good?

Well, YOU could be in with a chance of winning it by simply following this link to our competition page and answering the multiple choice question.


The closing date for this competition is Thursday 31st March 2016 so please make sure you don’t miss out and get your answers in by this point!

Thinking caps on, and best of luck to you all from the Opie Oils team!



Terms & Conditions

  • We DO NOT pass any of your details on, we only ask for your telephone number as primary contact for the winner.
  • Entries must be over the age of 18 years old.
  • Entries made by completing the above or by post to: Opie Oils, New Year 2016 Competition, Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 1SS.
  • Competition is free to enter with no purchase necessary.
  • Competition started on the Monday 4th January 2016, closing date for entries is 1pm, Thursday 31st March 2016 in Great Britain.
  • The winners will be picked soon after, contacted and announced to all entries by email or by post.