Heavy duty hand cleaners from as little as £4.50

Garage work can get dirty – as careful as you try to be, there will always be spillages from grease, oil and general mess that ends up where you don’t want it. Opie Oils stock a wide range of products from top brands such as Swarfega, Bilt Hamber, Fuchs and Motul that are perfect for scrubbing down after you’ve got the work done. Ideal for DIY and professional mechanics alike.

Got a road trip planned?

At Opie Oils, we offer a range of budget and high quality roof bars for your vehicle in a range of different specifications to suit most wallets. These roof bars are ideal for transporting extras that won’t necessarily fit in your car and they are perfect for roofboxes. A must have if you’re thinking of hitting the road this summer!

LGV, HGV, coach and bus mirrors new to Opies

Do you operate a large van, HGV or a bus? If you do, then you are aware of how important it is to make sure all of your blind spots are checked and accounted for. For this, you need wide angled panoramic mirrors that you can adjust to the specific angle and position you need. Well, we have just expanded our range of rear view mirrors specifically for this category – with prices starting from as little as £14.65

Warehouse extension update

As we expect you may have noticed, the weather has not been conducive to building work recently. However, yesterday was the first day in the last few weeks where it didn’t rain at all and even the wind managed to keep itself to a minimum.

Mountney range expanded!

Mountney ltd has been established for over 25 years: manufacturing, sourcing and distributing motor accessories to the motor and allied trades. As the popularity of their range grows, we have regularly been adding to it – we thought it only fair to let everyone know the newest additions to the team!

K&N range expanded at Opie Oils

At Opie Oils, we are proud to stock K&N products, they are world famous for making only the highest quality items for the performance market. K&N replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. Washable and reusable, they are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box.

Mahle filters range expands at Opie Oils

Mahle have a long tradition in the filter industry. MAHLE—historically a developer of engine components—recognized early how important optimally functioning filters are for the circulation of engine air and fluids. After all, efficient combustion requires good filtration—regardless of whether oil, fuel or intake air has to be cleaned. And because people stay healthy only when they breathe clean air, cabin air filters are another important part of their program.

Waxoyl – the all round rustproofing treatment

Hammerite first appeared in 1962, and soon developed a name for quality products with its unique formulation. Today, Hammerite is sold in over 55 countries worldwide. Their knowledge and understanding of metal remains unrivalled and Hammerite continues to be supported by world-class research and innovation – therefore, you can rest assured that when they produced Waxoyl, they knew what they were doing.