Brake cleaning 101

It’s no secret that your brakes and the braking system itself is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your vehicle. We’re of the opinion that a little bit of maintenance can prolong its life and help keep you safe on the road – having responsive brakes is an integral part of being a responsible driver.

Over time, the amount of dirt and grime that are found on the road will undoubtedly find their way into your braking system. Combine this with high friction, brake dust and all the other nasties, and you can find a build up of gunk in the areas that you want it least. Spray-on brake cleaners  and multi purpose brake, clutch and parts cleaners are one of the best ways to free up excess contaminates around your brakes and ensure that nothing is getting in the way of your braking system. And guess what? Opies stock a whole bunch of them!