Pump your brakes!

Brake fluid is arguably one of the most important fluids in your vehicle – Opie Oils stock a huge range of quality products that are designed to give optimum performance and stopping capabililties. With offerings from brands such as Motul, Castrol, Pentosin and Millers to name a few, there is no doubt that Opies will have the perfect fluid for the task at hand.



Below is a link to our categories of brake fluids types, simply click on the DOT of your choice for the full range including prices, specifications and application.

You can find the full range HERE.

For the vast majority of vehicles, a single fluid – brake fluid – is used in both the clutch and brake reservoirs. Check the cap of your clutch fluid reservoir – it should indicate if you need a special fluid.

Dot 3 / dot 4 / dot 5.1 brake fluid – all available here for purchase online, plus “super” dot 4 – not an official brake fluid rating, but used on track / race / competition brake fluid.

Brake fluid should be changed every 1 or 2 years. Over time, moisture diffuses into the fluid through brake hoses and rubber seals, increasing the water content. If your brake fluid is low, you probably have a problem such as a leak. Leaks and excessive moisture in the fluid can both result is a loss of hydraulic pressure and braking ability, so it’s as well to check and change your fluid periodically.

Dot 3 is the most basic fluid generally available. dot 4 is a higher performing fluid with a higher boiling point, whilst dot 5.1 is the most up to date standard – typically a longer life fluid that requires changing less frequently. Super dot 4 fluids have the highest boiling points but are not longlife. dot 5 brake fluid is not to be confused with dot 5.1 – dot 5 is a silicone based fluid which MUST NOT be mixed with dot3, dot4 or dot 5.1 brake fluid

You can find which DOT your vehicle requires, normally in your handbook.

If you need any advice on the correct brake and clutch fluid for your specific set up or level of modification, then please feel free to get in touch – we’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 and can be reached on 01209 202 944 and sales@opieoils.co.uk.

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WD-40: For wherever there’s a job to be done

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At Opies, we stock a wide range of maintenance aerosols, lubricants and general problem solvers. However, there are few brands that come with such a rich history, or are so easily recognisable as WD-40. Established over 60 years ago, their signature blue and yellow can looks at home in garages and workshops all over the world.


Free shipping on orders above £35 at Opies!

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It’s time for another public service announcement from Opie Oils here. We are offering free shipping on orders over £35 for this weekend only!


This limited time offer is now active and running until midday on Monday 20th June, there is no code required, it will automatically apply the free shipping at the £35 threshold. This will leave you free to use your forum discount for 10% off your order! Unfortunately, we are unable to extend this free shipping offer to trade orders and it can only be used on orders to the Mainland UK. For those of you outside what the couriers class as “Mainland UK” you can use the discount code: ISLANDS10 This will give you £5.00 off your shipping for orders over £35, as well as 10% off that accounts for your blog discount, so we hope this helps.

There are some great offers on top quality products at Opies at the moment, it’s worth taking advantage of these while the shipping offer is on to get some real bargains. Below are links to some of our most popular products, simply click on them for all further details and specifications. Prices shown are with your 10% blog discount applied:

Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5w-40: 5 litres for £43.16 + free mainland UK shipping!

Castrol Edge Titanium 10w-60 FST: 5 litres for £35.96 + free mainland UK shipping!

Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT: 5 litres for £53.96 + free mainland UK shipping!

Mobil 1 New Life 0w-40: 5 litres for £30.56

Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30: 5 litres for £29.66

Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40: 5 litre and a FREE 1 litre for £22.46

Gulf Classic SAE 20w-50: 5 litres for £19.34

Motul RBF 600 racing brake fluid: 2 x 500ml for £22.46

Motul Gear 300 75w-90 racing gearbox and diff oil: 2 litres for £21.11

With a huge range of products available, including an array of motorbike products, cleaning and detailing products, racing fluids and parts, gearbox and diff oils and our classic car range – there will be something for everyone. Our newest additions to the range include Thule roof racks, G-Force performance oils and Febi Bilstein parts.

As always, our expert advice is free, so you can get in touch with us Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 on 01209 202 944, email us at sales@opieoils.co.uk or simply drop us a message on here.

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Blown head gasket?

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Have you got concerns about the condition of your head gasket? Is it on its way out or already leaking or blown? Cracked blocks or warped heads? Getting a mechanical repair or replacement can set you back  hundreds, if not thousands. Steel seal have come up with an affordable alternative that WORKS – They are so confident in this product that it comes with a no quibble lifetime money back guarantee!


15% off ALL engine oils at Opies

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Just a heads up from Opie Oils here that may be of interest to you guys…

We are currently offering 15% off ALL engine oils until midday on monday 13th – this limited time offer includes the entirety of our engine oil range, even covering motorbbike, marine and garden engine oils as well as top of the range car oils. Got a jetski? Not a problem, we’ve got an engine oil for that.


With summer within reach, it’s only natural to get the washbucket out and an array of half opened, leaking and questionable detailing products. Not to mention the sponge thats seen better days and is starting to resemble swiss cheese. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of an update? Well, at Opies, we stock a huge range of quality cleaning and detailing products – from the likes of Autoglym, Bilt Hamber, Meguairs and Dodo Juice, whatever the task at hand, we’ve got the product for the job. Interior, exterior, and everything in between, at a great price.

Don’t forget to use the code “OPIEBLOG” for an additional 10% off your order!

Working on a classic car?

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Are you working on a classic, vintage or veteran vehicle? Perhaps you’ve got a restoration project tucked away in the garage or know someone that’s got their eye on renovating a classic motorbike? Well, just a quick heads up from Opie Oils here to let you know that we now stock the entire range of brand new Gulf Classic Oils, perfect for your side project or main workshop mission!


Meguiars DA Power System

At Opies, we stock a wide range of Meguiars cleaning and detailing products, all of which are designed to fulfil a specific job to the highest possible standard.

They are a household name with a rich heritage in the detailing world. In 1901, Farnk Meguiar Jr created his first bottle of polish with the help of his family, an eggbeater and a tin bath. Initially, this was a furniture polish which he made to fulfil orders for the following morning to pay for the days groceries. It wasn’t until about a decade later in the 1910s and the rise of the automobile that he spotted that their bodywork was coated with the same finishes that were applied to furniture. An obvious transition soon followed leading to a long-standing relationship in the automotive industry.

At the pinnacle of their professional range is the Meguiars DA Power System. This dual Action machine polishing has long been the professional detailer’s secret weapon. For years, it’s remained the fastest, most effective way to compound, polish and wax your car, truck or boat. That’s great if you can justify the outlay on a professional style tool, but Meguiar’s have recognised a growing trend for vehicle owners themselves wanting to achieve a professional level of finish.


Bilt Hamber Auto Wash – Best car shampoo 2015!

With summer within reach, it is only natural to turn to the wash bucket and sponges to get your vehicle gleaming. Getting a fantastic finish on your bodywork can be a really satisfying experience. Taking a step back to admire your handiwork after spending the last 3 hours meticulously cleaning every spot can be very rewarding when the results are good – when the results are not so good, it can be a really frustrating experience, feeling like a waste of time.

This is where Bilt Hambers detailing products can guarantee top results with minimal effort when used corrrectly.

The focus of attention this week is on the Bilt Hamber Auto Wash Shampoo – formulated and manufactured to allow you to effortlessly, gently and effectively clean your paintwork without scratching the paintwork. Powerful, but also environmentally friendly, this extremely popular product has won the Auto Express Best Buy 2013, 2014 and 2015 for car shampoos. The proof really is in the pudding!