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Boost your Octane by using Millers Oils CVL

Millers Oils are known for their Nanodrive oils. However, did you know they also do Fuel Treatments & Octane Booster? The two most popular are Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax & Millers Oils Petrol Power Ecomax. Did you know they also do Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster? In this blog post, we take a look at Millers Oils CVL Turbo Octane Booster, we look at the benefits of the Octane Booster.

Looking for a ford oil? Look no further Opie Oils are here!

Do you own a Ford or have a car that requires a ford specification oil? Look no further Opie Oils is the place to be!  Opie Oils have the complete and up to date list of all Ford Specification oils. Getting the correct fluids for your Ford is vital as the engine and components have been designed to work around fluids with certain characteristics, so ensuring the correct spec fluid ensures the right lubrication, cooling, cleaning and general protection, thus maintaining peak performance and efficiency. Opie Oils stock a massive range of Ford specification fluids meeting products including engine oils for Fords old and new, gear oils and Hydraulic fluids.

Castrol Classics – Clothing, Collectibles and Regalia

The truly dedicated among us will already be deep in planning for all the motor shows, hill climbs and classic vehicle events that they are going to attend this year. You could argue that the racing season never really stopped, winter has only been a chance to catch up on all those little jobs you’ve been meaning to do on your vintage car or motorbike.

If you’ve got a classic vehicle, and plan on showing it this year, you’re going to want to look the part. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money getting your vehicle faithfully restored, or simply making sure the little details stay true to the original design, it seems a waste to not complete the look with some genuine Castrol Classics paraphernalia.

Give your car some Madditive to give it a Power Boost

VP Madditives petrol and diesel engines are designed to improve the performance and save you money at the pump. VP reputation for quality and performance makes VP Madditives in the fast lane compared to the competition.  VP Madditives are made with the same technology and passion for the performance of your car the- Mad scientist that also created the VP Race Fuel. Opie Oils stock and sell the complete range of VP Madditives including the VP Madditive Power Boost.