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Latest Fuchs Motorsport News Now Available – March 2014

The latest edition of Fuchs Motorsport News arrived in the Opie Oils office yesterday………

In this edition of the Fuchs international motorsport news you can catch up with exactly what they’ve been doing around the globe. Including news from Austrian kart team VPD Racing, news of Belgium driver Jurgen Van Hover plans to race in Porsche GT3 Benelux Challenge PLUS news from the UK, Italy, France and Australia.

Download the PDF Now

Download the PDF Now

FREE online guides – Know your TRAFFIC SIGNS & The Highway code

Whether you know someone who is learning to drive or just need to refresh your knowledge of the road, you will be pleased to know that we found a couple of FREE online guides:

Know Your Traffic Signs – This guide is for new and experienced road users. It illustrates and explains all the important traffic signs, signals and road markings for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Highway Code – The official guide to using the roads safely and legally for all road users – drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

Hope you find them handy!

The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Mineral oils

We often get asked about this and it’s commonly totally misunderstood, so our own oil tech man Tim has kindly collaborated with some people in the know and put this together, enjoy…

Extended oil drain periods
Better wear protection and therefore extended engine life
Most synthetics give better MPG
They flow better when cold and are more thermally stable when hot
Surface-active meaning a thin layer of oil on the surfaces at all times (in ester based oils)

How Synthetic oils Achieve these Benefits

Stable Basestocks

Synthetic oils are designed from pure, uniform synthetic basestocks, they contain no contaminants or unstable molecules which are prone to thermal and oxidative break down. Because of their uniform molecular structure, synthetic lubricants operate with less internal and

Should I use an oil additive?

We’ve been asked this quiet a few times of late, so here’s what the Oilman Has to say:

“Generally the answer is no. Most aftermarket oil additives are either useless, harmful or sometimes both. The technology used is often out of date and the products are made incredibly cheaply. If those sorts of additives were any good, the major oil manufacturers would be using them.

The only additives we sometimes advise using are the limited slip differential friction modifiers, for certain differentials.“