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Millers Oils EPS – the importance of ethanol protection

Are you the proud owner of a classic vehicle? If so, you will be aware of the effects of using modern fuel in your engine. More importantly, it will be the corrosive effects of ethanol that keeps you up at night, and the danger it poses to fuel systems on classic vehicles.

Not to fear, Opies have the answer, with a little help from the experts at Millers Oils…

Opie Oils has now become a Official Distributor for Mahle Filters

Mahle Filters offer a very comprehensive product range that covers a number of applications for both car and bike. At Opie Oils we stock a great range of their filters and the Mahle filter range includes air, oil and fuel filters for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, agricultural and building machinery and Mahle filters for vehicle interiors.

Motorcycle Fork Oils at Opie Oils

If you are looking for Motorcycle Fork Oil then you have come to the right place, Opie Oils have  a massive range of hand picked hydraulic suspension fluid to choose from!

Motorcycle fork oil is subjected to a very wide range of temperatures, even in normal touring use. In order to provide a consistently smooth fork action at all times, with optimum damping qualities its advisable to stick to the fork manufacturers specification, normally you’ll be able to find a viscosity or weight recommendation in your handbook.

Red Line Suspension Fluid available at Opie Oils

Red Line fork oils / suspension fluids offer superior stability so do not degrade with use. They change very little with temperature and will provide lower temperatures for the same viscosity when compared to conventional suspension fluids.  Redline fork oils / suspension lubricants are very low foaming and provide good seal lubricity and anti-wear properties. They can be blended together in any proportion to achieve an intermediate viscosity. Opie Oils stock and sell Red Line Fork / Suspension fluids