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FPW Racing Successful Test at Donington – Motul / Opie Oils Delivery

Over the last few years Opie Oils have been proud sponsors of FPW Racing and we are pleased to announce that with the help of our friends at Motul this will carry on for 2014. The team have returned from a successful test at Donington and taken delivery of Motul products. Looks like 2014 could be a good year for the team, take a look for yourself:

FPW Racing duo of Greg Greenwood and Milo Ward took to Donington Park in what can only be described as typical British weather. As both riders drove to the circuit is was clearly apparent that a day of wet testing was on the cards. Obviously not an ideal start to their 2014 season, especially as Donington is notoriously difficult in the wet conditions.

Greg was more than aware of what he was up against and once out on track in the first session he set about relearning the circuit and gradually building up to speed. This was a very gradual process as the conditions remained the same all morning. That said, Greg improved his times in every session and by the end of the day was a full six seconds faster than when he qualified in the Motostar championship in 2013 here at Donington. It was clear that this was a new Greg, buzzing with confidence and enjoying his riding like never before.


Greg Greenwood: “I’ve spent all of the winter preparing my bike for today so it was finally good to get out and enjoy the day like I did. Everything felt right today and while I started slow I never felt on the edge as I built up my speed. Knocking six seconds off my lap time wasn’t something I expected so I am over the moon with that. This is the best start to a season I’ve ever had and I can’ wait for Brands to come around”.

FPW This week also saw the team take delivery and fit a new 2014 spec Geo Technology S.A. Moto3 engine. The company provides race ready Honda NSF250R engines to both world and national championship teams and for the past four seasons has built the 600cc Moto2 engine for the world championship. Geo Technology specified that the new engine provided has a 3 BHP increase in power over the 2013 engine and this is exactly what the team saw when we ran the bike on the team dyno this week. These are the upgraded (for 2014) version of the engine that Joe Francis to the title in 2013.

This week the team took delivery of their Motul Sponsorship package and what a delivery that was. Support for the team comes from both Motul UK and our long term sponsor Opie Oils. The season supply will see the team use Motul lubricants in both it’s Moto3 and 125GP machinery.

All of the Motul product line can be purchased from Opie Oils the UKs leading online distributor for both two and four wheels (www.opieoils.co.uk).

FPWAdrian Mason: “The new engine did exactly what the team at Geo said it would do when we ran it up on the dyno. The peak power is so impressive but it’s the torque that’s the real eye opener. The rider has the same level of torque throughout the racing rev range and I can’t wait to see this out on track.

When all of the boxes arrived with the lubricants and cleaners it was quite humbling to see the level of support our five riders are getting. I cannot thank both Motul and Opie Oils enough for what they are doing. Interestingly we ran back to back tests on the Moto3 using a leading brand and our Motul 300V and we saw an improvement in power just as Richard Barrett had predicted. We are going into this season in a very strong position”.

Opie Oils sponsor Mike Inglis race report of his two 750 Trophy Races at Donington Park

Mike Inglis, one of Opie Oils sponsors started off his 2014 season racing in two 750 Trophy Races at Donington Park.

Below is his report on both races:

“We had two 750 Trophy races on the Grand Prix Circuit at Donington Park on Saturday 29th March 2014. I had never raced on the GP circuit before and was a bit apprehensive as the two hairpins on this circuit would not suit my car at all, with its high revving supercharger it is best  on circuits with long fast corners and it is not at all good at accelerating out of slow corners.

The weather was kind to us, with a warm sunny spring day. I managed a 2:26.74 in qualifying, which to my surprise put me 5th overall on the grid, fastest Class A car and amazingly nearly 4 seconds under the previous lap record.

In race 1 I made a good start gaining 2 places by the first corner and I managed to hold onto 3rd overall until the faster Class C cars eventually caught me at the hairpin, but I struggled on to manage 4th overall and 1st in class with a new official lap record of 2:27.83.

Race 2 started at 5.50 pm with the light fading fast. I made an even better start from 5th on the grid and was second into the first corner. Again the Class C cars caught up and passed me at the hairpins , but I clinched 5th overall at the flag in near darkness and another 1st in Class A.

The next event is at Silverstone on the National Circuit on 3rd May, again with 2 races.”

Thanks for the report Mike and good luck at Silverstone, we look forward to hearing how you get on.

Opie Oils

Local sponsor Sam Gilbert Race Report of Round 2 Xmoor Enduro Club’s ‘Brass Monkeys’

Local sponsor Sam Gilbert was in action in Round 2 of the South West Enduro Championship at Exmoor over the weekend. Due to a “school boy” error Sam was unable to finish, below is his race report, enjoy!

“It was a 5.30am start from Cornwall to get up on Exmoor in time, and the conditions were truly awful! Driving rain making the conditions really muddy! The first challenge was getting into the parking area, the organiser laid on a tractor to tow people in, it was that bad!

Xmoor Enduro Club had set a really challenging 10 mile long track, my start time was 10.21 am and my finish time was not due until nearly 4pm! Which, had the weather been nice, would have been one of the most amazing races ever! But in the conditions it was a nightmare. The open fields sections that normally give you a chance of a breather quickly turned into mud slicks, and ended up being harder to ride than the technical woodland sections. I was however doing all right, and the bike was running sweet thanks to the new products I was trying: The Motul Transoil gearbox oil and the Motul 800 2T 2stroke oil, which I would definitely recommend.  I then made the school boy error of thinking I had enough petrol in the tank at the end of my second lap and I ran out just over half way round the 3rd lap. I did manage to flag down a farmer in his pick-up, who kindly gave me a lift back to the pits to get my fuel can, but by the time I got back to the bike I had lost over 50 minutes on my allocated lap times, and so If I had continued to the end and done my full allocation of laps, it would have been dark, so bearing in mind the conditions, it wasn’t a hard choice at the time to retire, and I’ve been kicking myself since!

The only silver lining was that no one else in my class finished, in fact only 36 out of 200 starters managed it to the end, which gives you an idea of how tough it was! So I’m still sitting 3rd in the championship heading into round 3 on 13 April at Largin (near Bodmin).”

Thanks for the update Sam, hope you have better luck in round 3!

Opie Oils

Opie Oils Sponsor Ben Harrisons Race Report of Round 1 & 2 at Brands Hatch

Opie Oils sponsored rider Ben Harrison had a fantastic start to his 2014 season, securing a 2nd and 1st in Formula 400 and his first ever win in the 500 Newcomer race/Minitwin Newcomer at Brands Hatch.

This is Ben’s race report of the weekend, enjoy!

Heading into the first round of the championship I had mixed feelings, my last experience at brands had not been a pleasant one at all and during preparation for this year’s race quite a few bike issues became apparent in the week leading up to the race.

But, these things had to be put out of my mind and I needed to focus on the racing ahead.  Saturday came around very quickly, the bike passed scrutineering and noise test with no issues, next was morning practice. I went out worrying whether I was going to have clutch slip issues that had plagued me all of last season, luckily the clutch was perfect so I was able to focus on getting into a rhythm and finding some speed around the track.


Formula 400 qualifier:

I started the race from 7th on the grid, front of the third row. Immediately the bike felt great and I was able to push from very early on and pick of riders ahead of me, I took the lead on lap 3 and stayed in front winning the race and setting the fastest lap. This put me in pole position for the Formula 400 final.

Formula 400 final:

I got a great start and started to get into a rhythm, but a few laps in I lost track of what gear I was in and lost concentration, this put me back to third where I had a 3 bike battle for the lead, eventually coming out in 2nd place, setting the fastest lap of the race and gaining my first ever trophy.

500 Newcomer race/Minitwin Newcomer:

Coming out of the last two races I had a lot of confidence in my speed and my bike, I started 8th on the grid making a good start, I lead my class into the first corner with only minitwins ahead. (Two classes are racing in one race and have separate results).

Knowing I had good pace I tried to get my head down and put a gap between me and Dan #95 on his VFR, while trying to put a gap in I got stuck behind one of the minitwins which unfortunately had slow mid corner speed but was faster down the straights, it took a good 3 laps of battling to eventually pass round the outside into the first corner.

From there I put my head down and tried to catch the minitwins ahead to give me something to aim for and hopefully pull a gap on Dan behind me. It worked and I got my first win and set the fastest lap of the race again.



Morning practice went very well, I was able to still run the same pace as I had done in Saturdays newcomer race, this gave me a lot of confidence in myself and the bike that I could challenge for the win again.

Formula 400 qualifier:

Unfortunately something had worked itself loose in the practice and only became apparent when tried to start the bike to warm it up. Missing this race meant I was down on track time and had to start the final from 7th, front of the third row.

Formula 400 final:

Due to not starting in the qualifier I was on the back foot in the final race. But I knew I had the pace to run at the front so it was a case of getting a good start and getting my head down. I got the best start I had all weekend and from 7th I was 2nd into the first corner. By the third corner I had gotten the lead and got my head down and tried my best to break away.

I ended up winning my first Formula 400 race and my second win of the day; I set the fastest lap of the race again ending up 10.93 seconds ahead of 2nd place.

The Team at Opie Oils would like to say a massive thank you to Ben for the Race Report and congratulate him on his fantastic start of the season, keep up the good work and good luck for the rest of the season.

Opie Oils

Opie Oils current & past television adverts

If you’re a fan of motorsport then you’ve probably already seen them, but if you haven’t here are the first couple of television adverts we have had running over the last few years. Below is MK1, our first attempt! This featured on Dave, Motors TV and Eurosport:

We are now on MK2, currently aired on Motors TV:

Keep an eye out for our advert as it’s often aired around events that have Opie Oils sponsors competing in!