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Duckhams Has Officially Launched at Opie Oils

After an absence of nearly 15 years, the much loved oil brand, made famous by its distinctive green hue, is back – and it’s available right here at Opie Oils!

Duckhams is well known and respected by classic car enthusiasts for it’s high quality motor oils. In fact many of the manufacturers that built the classic cars of today actually recommended Duckhams lubricants for their engines and drivelines.


A Brief History of Duckhams

Alexander Duckham was an English chemist and businessman who in 1899 founded Alexander Duckham & Co. He dedicated his life to solving technological problems relating to lubrication and produced the first multigrade oil for motorists; and soon Duckhams was regarded the largest independent lubrication oil company in the UK.

The Full Duckhams Range Available at Opie Oils

Opie Oils are pleased to announce that they are now suppliers of the full range of Duckhams including: Classic, QS, QXR & HyperGrade Plus.

In 1951 the decision was made that the multigrade oil was the oil of the future. The famous Q20-50, with its distinctive green colour, could be used universally in all forms of transport and motorsport. Today, by combining the experience of over 110 years of oil production with modern blending technology, every green drop of Duckhams Oil will give your classic engine extra protection, in all conditions, helping you keep your cherished classic running beautifully.


What Oils Can Opie Supply

Classic Engine Oil Range

The Classic range of Duckhams Oils available from Opie Oils

A classic car deserves a classic oil brand.

To help take care of everyone’s pride and joy, each of the Classic oils is formulated to provide advanced protection and improved engine efficiency for a wide range of classic cars. True to its history as “the engine’s choice”, and recommended in a wide range of original owners’ handbooks.

Classic Gear Oil Range

The Classic range of Gear Oils available from Opie Oils

A classic car deserves a classic oil brand.

Duckhams range of classic gear oils provides your gearbox and differential with extra protection, in all conditions, from one oil change to the next. When you choose Duckhams you can be sure you’re selecting a truly remarkable oil.

QS Passenger Car Motor Oil Range

The range of Duckhams QS motor engine oils available for sale at Opie Oils

Advanced protection for modern cars.

To meet current specifications and provide advanced protection for modern passenger cars, the QS range of high-performance synthetic engine oils is formulated using modern additive technology and high-quality base oils.

QXR Passenger Car Motor Oil Range

The range of Duckhams QXR motor engine oils available for sale at Opie Oils

Outstanding protection for modern cars.

These high-performance synthetic engine oils are formulated with cutting-edge additive technology and high-quality base oils to meet the latest specifications and provide outstanding protection.

HyperGrade Plus Passenger Car Motor Oil

The Duckhams Hypergrade motor engine oil is available at Opie Oils

Complete protection for modern cars.

To provide complete protection for modern cars, as well as meeting the requirements of older vehicles, this semi-synthetic engine oil has been specially formulated using conventional additive technology and high-quality base oils.


Buy from Opie Oils at great prices!

Buy with confidence from Opie Oils. So as you can see, Opie Oils have a comprehensive range of products from Duckhams, ideally suited for a variety of vehicles, from classics to modern cars.

If you’re unsure which oil is right for your vehicle, ask our experts.

ACF-50 For Your Motorcycle

Learn how and why ACF-50 differs from (and improves on) the common multi-use spray

Plenty of motorcyclists use WD-40 or similar to try to protect their machines against dirt and road salts, the problem with this is that most aren’t waterproof, so will wash off at the first sign of rain. ACF-50 is different, read on to find out why you should be using this unique product on your pride and joy.


Learn all about WD-40 – including what it is, what it is used for, and some fun facts

Multi-purpose sprays are found everywhere, from professional vehicle workshops, to home DIY’ers and mechanics. There are many brands and products so how do you know which to buy? Here we explain why you should definitely have a can of WD-40 in your home.



Launched back in 1904, Havoline engineers set out a task of inventing an exclusive filtration process that helped rid the oil of waxy engine oil caused by cold weather.

As refining advanced, so did additive technologies. In 1946, Havoline introduced its “New and Improved Havoline Motor Oil” which for the first time featured additives that inhibited corrosion, provided detergent and dispersive action, reduced piston ring wear at both low and high temperatures, and protected against engine rust. These innovations have continued, year after year, and rigorous field tests have proven time and again that Havoline engine oils offer unbeaten performance.

Give your Kawasaki a boost with K&N

When you peruse a list of the fastest production motorcycles throughout the years, the Kawasaki brand emerges as a consistent front runner. The companys obsession with speed and power is legendary. Kawasaki and K&N are kindred spirits in the ongoing pursuit of performance.

Any BMW drivers out there?

When the E53 BMW X5 was first launched back in 2000, enthusiasts cried foul. They didn’t want to share their cherished blue roundel with a vehicle that would be relegated doing the school run and shopping excursions. Nevertheless, a new generation of buyers found the first generation BMW X5 to be the ideal blend of driving pleasure and practicality. By 2014, over 1.3 million copies of BMW’s midsize luxury SUV had been sold worldwide.


Calling all Hybrid owners!

Do you own a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid or PHEV?

Well, if you own either of these then it was probably for two reasons – to save money, or to help the environement. With the innovative chaps over at K&N, there is yet another way to do both. As we already know, K&N air filters exceed the lifespan of the standard OEM paper filter by as much as 30 times. But why is that important? Well, have a look below where we will outline what you have to gain from using one of their great products.

Opie Commercial Oils

Hi guys

Just a quick heads up to let you all know that our most recent brainchild is now live and kicking – Say hello to Opies Commercial Oils!
We appreciate that not everyone here drives an 18 wheeler big rig, but our new website also covers an array of fluids for all vans, trucks and even buses, so if you need anything for the work van for example, then you may want to have a look below.

Mahle – upgrades and updates

Hi guys

We’ve got a quick heads up for you regarding a few Mahle filters that are changing part numbers and design – this process can cause some confusion with those that are used to receiving the same looking filter every service, so this is our way of putting your mind at ease.