Worried about rust breakouts?

Have you noticed a slightly rough or gritty layer on your paintwork after its been washed? Those of us who regularly clean and detail our vehicles will have noticed it is particularly evident on horizontal panels such as the bonnet, boot lid and roof. It’s easy to simply write this off as dust that has landed from the air – We assure you that it is not. These are in fact airborne metallic particles, liberated from braking surfaces, such as pads and disks. These harmful particles literally fill the air along our roads and motorways, you may not be able to see them but they are there nonetheless, whenever a car brakes in front of you, it will create a cloud of warm particles that then cling and embed into your paintwork when you pass through it.


These particles react with rainwater or air moisture and being to corrode your paintwork. This rust occupies four times the space of iron, and as such the paintwork slowly ruptures around the embedded particle. You can imagine that this then destroys both the aesthetic and protective qualities of the finish.


To combat this, Bilt Hamber have developed Korrosol – Simply spray onto the contaminated panel and you will see a rapid and dramatic colour change take place. This indicates that the corroded part is water soluble, after which a rinse with water leaves the panel free of metallic embedment. Without sounding like a broken record, it really is that simple!

You can view it HERE, and our full range of high quality Bilt Hamber products HERE.

With the code “OPIEBLOG” you can get 10% off your order, making the handy 1 litre spray bottle just £11.65, and the 5 litre refill is outstanding value at £49.45.

While harsh acids such as phosphoric and oxalic acids can be used with good effect to remove the contamination, these acids to not discriminate between corrosion and good steel, not even paint films themselves, so while the particle is removed and base metals or coatings can also be attacked. Korrosol is safe to use on all auto body paint finishes including lacquers, so you can use it with confidence. When the paintwork of your pride and joy is at stake, it’s worth having peace of mind that the products you are using are top quality.

If you need any advice on the correct cleaning and detailing products for your specific set up, then please feel free to get in touch – we’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 and can be reached on 01209 202 944 and sales@opieoils.co.uk. We’ll be happy to help!

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