Getting your vehicle ready for storage?

Millers Oils are famous for making top quality oils and fluids, designed from the ground up for a huge variety of purposes. From keeping your daily driver running smoothly, to offering the highest possible levels of protection for your modified track car, Millers will have the product you need. Those of you with a classic, vintage or veteran car or motorbike, may want to read on….



As you can expect, anything with the Millers Oils logo on it has been tried and tested in the most arduous of conditions – they simply wouldn’t put their name to it if they weren’t 100% confident it would get the job done to a high standard.

One such product, is the Millers Oils Tank Safe, you can view it HERE. This has been developed for their range of classic fuel additives, and is very popular with classic and vintage cars or motorbike enthusiasts. A high quality petrol additive that provides anti corrosion protection and vapour phase inhibition, it is perfect for getting your car or motorbike ready for the end of season “lay up” period. By addition to the fuel tank contents just before your pride and joy is about to get put into storage for the end of season, Millers Tank Safe will provide fuel tank and fuel system protection whilst the vehicle is stored. This is an extremely important part of caring for your classic vehicle – you wouldn’t want to start it up at the beginning of next season, only for the entire fuel system to be clogged with corrosion and need replacing. That’s a very expensive start to the season, all before you get it out of the garage. With Millers Tank Safe, you can avoid any of these potential storage issues from as little as £8.95 per bottle with the 10% discount code OPIEBLOG.

One bottle treats 20 litres of unleaded petrol, and will be most effective when any open fuel breathers are temporarily blocked, allowing it to work in the best possible environment.

Tank Safe has been specifically formulated for petrol fuelled engines whether carburetor or fuel injected. It provides:-

  • Extremely effective corrosion protection and vapour phase inhibition (VPI)
  • Carburettor cleanliness improved
  • Fuel system corrosion protection improved
  • Fully compatible with all types of pretrol – leaded, unleaded and oxygenated
  • Very economical treatment rates

This product makes storing your vintage vehicle not only affordable, but it gives you complete peace of mind that whilst the storms rage over winter, your vehicle is tucked away safe and sound – just waiting to be started up at the beginning of next season. It’s also worth having a look through the entirety of our classic range HERE, you will find all sorts of goodies from classic bike oils and steering wheels, to clothing, regalia and collectibles.

You can view the full Millers Oils range HERE and their fantastic range of additives and treatments HERE.

Should you need any more information or advice on any product, we would be happy to help – just give us a call on 01209 202 944 Monday to Friday, or drop us an email to and we can look into it for you.

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