Valvoline Tectyl Biocleaner, now at Opies

For more than 85 years, customers around the world have chosen the Valvoline Tectyl brand for their quality rust and corrosion protection products and the huge range that is available – whatever the job at hand, there is a Tectyl product that is specially formulated to get it done to a high standard. At Opies, we stock a wide variety of rust preventatives from trusted brands, and are proud to include Tectyl in this range.

However, due to the adhesive properties of these products, problems can arise in the event that you need to remove this protective layer, with them often proving extremely difficult to get back to the substrate layer. But fear not, Opies have the solution to this, saving you hours of scrubbing and scraping. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Valvoline Tectyl Biocleaner!

Anti-corrosion sprays are designed to help metal surfaces resist the effects of moisture, salt spray and even harsh corrosives. These properties have resulted in forming an active polar binded rust preventive “barrier” that is designed from the ground up to be difficult to remove in the first place – this is great if you are planning on protecting something for the long term, however if you decide that this barrier needs removing before painting for example, then you’ve got a big job ahead of you. Simply put, you’ve now got to remove something that has been specifically designed to “cling” to any surface it is applied to.

Valvoline Tectyl Biocleaner is a water-based cleaner that has been formulated to remove different types of Tectyl coatings from the substrate when no longer required. Due to the high concentration of this cleaner, a little goes a long way. It can be diluted with normal tap water to keep things nice and simple, 25% Biocleaner to 75% water for a standard application, however for stronger coatings you can use a higher concentration to be sure it will do the job.

Just a few of the benefits include:

  • It works quickly, getting to work as soon as it is applied
  • Simple application means it can be used at home, in the garge or workshop and even in industrial environments
  • Biodegradable – Valvoline Tectyl take their commitments to a greener and more sustainable future very seriously
  • Economical, with only a 25% dilution rate in water being needed for the majority of jobs
  • Water-based formula


Valvoline have designed this product to be easy to use – no additional harsh chemicals or “activators” are required for this to get cracking. Once you have diluted to your preffered rate for the task at hand, simply begin spraying the surface with a low pressure application, using your preffered spray gun or similar piece of kit. Once you are satisfied that the entire surface has got a nice coating, let it soak for several minutes. You can wait longer if you want to be sure, but usually 10-15 minutes will be sufficient. Next, you just need to wash it off with a pressure washer, hose pipe, bucket of water or just wipe it off with a soft cloth. Simple!

It’s a great product at a great price, just £225 inlcuding shipping when you use your 10% discount code: OPIEBLOG

You can view this product HERE, and the full range of Valvoline Tectyls rust prevention products HERE. If there are any other brands of rust treatments that you’re interested in, you will find them all HERE.

If you need any advice, just give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to We’re in the office and happy to help Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 5:30.

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