Upgrade your Wiper blades with Opie Oils from as little as £2.95

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Winter maybe on the way out however it is the perfect time to change your wiper blades. Opie Oils have a large range of wiper blades to fit every vehicle from Denso, Fister, Trico at amazing prices! Our Wiper blades start from as little as £2.95!!


The Most Common Wiper blades problem;

Streaking this happens when the rubber dries out, hardens or cracks. This can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances that has gathered on either the windscreen or the blade.

Skipping normally occurs when the blade develops an arc due to lack of use.

Wearing starts when the blade is used extensively as the rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.

Splitting is when the sun’s ray damage the rubber causing it to breakdown and separate from the frame.

Damage wiper blades can cause you to FAIL your MOT. To prevent any  damages or failing your MOT, we advise you to change your wiper blades once a year. Opie Oils have a large range of Wiper blades.

Opie Oil’s offer a wide range of wiper blades. Below is the complete range of wiper blades;

Fister Blades from as little as £2.95!! Fister are designed to offer you high performance at a budget price.

Trico NeoForm Blades start from as little as £9.95!! Trico NeoForm Wiper Blades are made with a surface protector for a smoother wipe and longer life.

Trico Exact Fit range starts from as little as £4.96!! Trico Exact Fit gives you an like-to-like direct replacement for the original equipment blades

Denso Beam Wiper Blades start from £12.95!! Denso Beam Wiper Blades will hug very closely and evenly so you can see clearly in the worst  weather conditions.

Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades start from £6.95!! Denso Hybrid Wiper Blades  are the original equipment choice of some of the top vehicle manufacturer’s.

Denso Standard Wiper Blades from as little as £4.96!!  Denso Standard Wiper Blades offers the same premium quality and value to the after-market replacement market.

Struggling to find the right Wiper Blade for your Vehicle? Opie Oils are here to help! Use our helpful look up guide to find the right Wiper Blades for you. Opie Oils Look up guide can be found HERE>>>

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