Keep your thermal insulation secure with HeatShield

Working on modifying your car? Perhaps you’ve got a track car that you’re getting prepped for the race season? Well, if you do, then it’s more than likely that you have some kind of thermal insulation fitted or are at least planning to get some fitted to cope with the high temperatures that your vehicle will be subjected to on track. At Opies, we stock a wide range of thermal protection from the world famous HeatShield Products, who have copious amounts of experience with making the highest quality products to keep you covered on track.

You will find the full range of their products HERE. From Turbo Shields to Hose Protection, there’s something for everyone, regardless of the level of modification on the vehicle or amount of driving it is getting. The question is, how do you make sure that the thermal shields are held in place when you’re giving it beans on track? You can’t just hold it in place with plastic cable ties or some run of the mill duct tape – it’ll just melt as soon as the engine gets up to temperature. Well, HeatShield Products have the answer that is guaranteed to keep your valuable thermal protection securely attached to whatever you need it to – HeatShield Thermal Ties!

These stainless steel locking ties are the easiest and best way to fasten any type of high temperature insulation, and can be used in literally any situation where a high strength fastener is needed. Benefits include:

  • Capable of withstanding continuous operating temperatures of 982 Degrees Celsius
  • Capable of withstanding intermittent temperatures of 1093 Degrees Celsius
  • No special tools, bands or buckles required.
  • No sharp edges – less chance of damage to insulation

Due to this products low profile design, it is perfect for any tight fit application, including:

  • Exhaust wrap
  • Turbo manifold wraps
  • Exhaust heat shields
  • Air intake heat shields
  • Heat shield sleeving

Simple to fit and available in an array of sizes, they are the perfect solution to give you peace of mind that everything is as it should be in the engine bay and surrounding areas when you’re putting the vehicle through its paces. Have a look below on how to fit these great little pieces of kit:


Also available are HeatShields Thermal Spring Mounting Kit – these are specifically designed for holding your turbo heat shield or manifold shield in place. You can find them HERE. Constructed of 302 stainless steel they are rugged, handle high heat and are high strength! Simply use needle nose pliers to stretch the spring on lacing hook.

  • Capable of withstanding continuous operating temperatures of 982 Degrees Celsius
  • Capable of withstanding intermittent temperatures of 1024 Degrees Celsius
  • Wire thickness 0.027″
  • Alloy: T302 Stainless

Betwen these two products, you should have everything you need to fit your thermal protection safely, quickly and securely, irrespective of how awkward your engine bay is and how much room you have to play with. They have been designed from the ground up to withstand extremely high temperatures, and have been tested in the most arduous of conditions.

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After any other service parts while you’re at it? You can find the products that are suitable for your particular vehicle by entering your vehicle details HERE. You’ll also be able to find servicing essentials such as spark plugs and glow plugs, wiper blades, brake parts and much more with this same look up guide. There’s much more to Opies than just oils!

If you need a bit of advice on choosing the perfect product for your particular vehicle, give us a call on 01209 202 944 Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:30 or drop us an email to and we can provide a free bespoke recommendation for you.

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