Should I use an oil additive?

We’ve been asked this quiet a few times of late, so here’s what the Oilman Has to say:

“Generally the answer is no. Most aftermarket oil additives are either useless, harmful or sometimes both. The technology used is often out of date and the products are made incredibly cheaply. If those sorts of additives were any good, the major oil manufacturers would be using them.

The only additives we sometimes advise using are the limited slip differential friction modifiers, for certain differentials.“

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  1. Hello from Paul.
    There are Ceramic addertives being sold by some major brand names, are these addertives an good for the vehicles engines,autogear boxes ,power steering pumps,etc. Be it sort term or longer, advertised as 25000miles to 35000miles.
    Please give some indipendant advise please of these ceramic V1 & Now upgrade V2.Thankyou all the best to you.PAUL.

    • Hi Paul,

      I can’t comment on those additives specifically, as I’ve had no dealings with them.

      A lot of additives sound like they can only be a good thing, but you never know exactly what will happen. One of the oil companies brought out a new range of oils and their plan was to add the new additive pack to the old oil. When they did that, it led to one part of the basestock separating out of the oil. That was one company, with their oil and their additive package, so you would have expected it to work, and it didn’t. When you have the oil from one company and the additive from another, where they have not been tested together, then you don’t know how they will react.

      Another thing to consider is that oil companies are often massive (Shell, Castrol, Mobil, Total etc) and spend a fortune on R&D , so if these additives were as good as claimed, I’m sure the oil companies would have come up with something similar themselves, or just bought out the additive company.

      We’ve had various additives tested by oil companies and the results we’ve had back are not good – basically ranging from ‘It doesn’t do anything but empty your wallet’ to ‘Do not use this product, it will cause damage.’ I’ve never seen one that says ‘This seems like decent stuff, we might look into adding it to our blends.’ Also, all of the tests have come back to us saying ‘This additive must not be used with any of our oils. Use of this product would invalidate any warranty on our products.’.

      Take your chance with them, if you want, but it’s not something Opie Oils or the oil companies would recommend.



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