Red Line Suspension Fluid available at Opie Oils

Red Line fork oils / suspension fluids offer superior stability so do not degrade with use. They change very little with temperature and will provide lower temperatures for the same viscosity when compared to conventional suspension fluids.  Redline fork oils / suspension lubricants are very low foaming and provide good seal lubricity and anti-wear properties. They can be blended together in any proportion to achieve an intermediate viscosity. Opie Oils stock and sell Red Line Fork / Suspension fluids



Red Line LikeWater Suspension Fluid is a synthetic fluid for motorcycle shock absorbers. Red Line LikeWater provides the least viscosity change of any commercial suspension fluid and will operate unchanged longer than other suspension fluids. Red Line LikeWater is NOT suitable as a fork oil.

Red Line ExtraLight 2.5W Suspension Fluid extremely popular in motocross, and road racing, where top engineers try to run the lightest fluid possible that maintains its viscosity and stability, allowing the shock valving and springs to perform the work, rather than the fluid.

Red Line LightWeight Suspension Fluid often used by racing teams in adjustable shock absorbers. Can be used as a replacement in the rear shock on modern motocross bikes.

Red Line Medium Suspension Fluid is similar to what manufacturers call “10W” and commonly used as a more stable replacement fluid is most twin-tube racing shock absorbers like Pro Shocks, Carerra, and QA1.

Red Line HeavyWeight Suspension Fluid is synthetic suspension fluid / fork oil equivalent to a 15w or 20w fluid from other manufacturers.

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