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Red Line’s oils use superior ester base stocks that provide extreme stability at high temperatures and superior film strength. Opie Oils stock a full range of Redline synthetic oils and workshop products. Red Line are well known for their gear oils. Opie Oils stock & sell the complete range of Shockproof Oils. Superlight Shockproof, Lightweight Shockproof & Heavy Shockproof. If you have never heard of these before this blog post is for you! We take a look at the shockproof oils and what specs they meet and a little about the oil.


Red Line Superlight ShockProof Gear oil 70w-75; Provides the greatest gear protection available, it reduces differential and gearbox temperatures. Increases differential and gearbox durability  also improves shifting in manual transmissions. Red Line Superlight ShockProof meets the API GL-5 & GL-6 specifications

Red Line Lightweight ShockProof Gear Oil 75w-90; is a unique gear oil designed to lubricate racing transmissions and transaxles which see serious loads (not recommended for most syncro-type transmissions). It has excellent low-temperature flow which allows easier shifting when cold. May be used to obtain maximum power transfer in racing differentials which do not see high temperatures. Red Line Lightweight ShockProof meets the API GL-5 & GL-6 specifications.

Red Line Heavyweight ShockProof Gear Oil 75w-140; Prevents foaming even at high speeds, Low corrosiveness reduces synchronizer wear, Can be used in limited-slip and regular differentials. Unique solid dispertion which cushions gear teeth to help prevent tooth breakage and allows the use of lower viscosities. Recommended for heavily-loaded racing differentals and transmissions, off Road racing and problem gearboxes. Red Line Heavy Shockproof meets the API GL-5 & GL-6 Specifications.

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