RaceX tyre gauges – new additions to range

RaceX are known for making sturdy, simple to use pressure gauges that provide accurate and easy to read results – popular in garages and on the track, Opie Oils have now expanded our RaceX products to offer a comprehensive range. Whether you’re planning a road trip in your family car, or checking the tyres on your sports bike before an event, we’ve got the gauge for you!


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Below is a list of the newest additions to the range, here you will find prices, further information and fitting/directions for use. Simply click on the product to be taken directly to it!

  • RaceX Tyre Pressure Gauge – RX2930: This highly shock resistant pressure gauge is an essential part of your onboard toolkit. With an award-winning gearless diaphragm design (no Bourbon tube) and has a bleeder valve which holds pressure until released.

  • RaceX Deluxe 2-in-1 Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge – RX2931: This portable deluxe 2-in-1 tyre pressure and tread depth gauge is shock resistant and benefits from having a release button on the stem.

  • RaceX Digital Tyre Gauge -RX2935: This digital tyre pressure gauge is quick and easy to use. With it giving accurate readings, it can help reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption. Comes ready to use with a battery provided.

Don’t forget, if there’s any further information that you require, simply give us a call on 01209 202 944 Monday to Friday, 8:30 -5:30 or drop us an email on sales@opieoils.co.uk and we’ll be happy to look into it for you!



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