Having problems following a filter change?

Fitting a Mahle filter is a simple and straight forward process, that should give instant benefits to your engine upon completion. However, human error can sometimes cause some issues during the installation process. Even the most dedicated and experienced mechanic or DIY handy man can make mistakes from time to time! Today, we will be looking at the correct fitment of Mahle KX229D fuel filter as an example, and how a few simple steps can ensure that your fuel filter is properly in place.

If the engine does not start or fuel leaks occur following a filter change, the cause is often to be found in the filter being incorrectly fitted. Have a look through the images below to show the right and wrong way of getting that all important seal fitted:

Figure 1: If fitted the wrong way round, leaks will occur in the system, which may lead to the intake of air, starting problems or even a fuel leak.

Figure 2: This image shows the correct fitment of the seal and filter element in the housing and cover – you can see how it fits together, minimising the risk of leakage etc.

It is also important to ensure the correct positioning of the sealing ring in the cover. If the sealing ring becomes detached from the cover during dismantling, it can remain inside the filter element, and be disposed of with the old filter, see below:


Figure 3

Here, you can see the gasket stuck in the filter. If this is not noticed, unfiltered fuel will reach the injection system during operation. The harmful consequences of this are not immediately detectable, however, wear on the fuel system is continuously increased. A small part such as this gasket are easily missed or forgotten, but they are they because they serve an important purpose – keeping your fuel supply running as it should!





Figure 4

This shows the correct position for the gasket on the housing cover. You can see how it fits snugly to the specially designed cap, allowing the entire unit to be a sealed and fully functioning set up. The fuelling system and all of its components are a very sensitive, and as you can imagine, integral part of your vehicle, so it is important to keep this running as smoothly as possible.





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