Planning a summer holiday in France?

As you may have noticed, at Opie Oils, we’re pretty keen on all different types of vehicles, from modified race cars to super bikes. However, we’re also big fans of not losing our driving licences, and are extremely keen not to cause any accidents by drink driving. Well, Alcosense breathalysers show your alcohol level within two minutes. Don’t take a chance – check before you drive. Approved for use in France where it is mandatory to carry an alcohol breathalyser in your car.


If you drank 4 pints or 3 large glasses of wine during a night out it could take as long as 12 hours for the alcohol to leave your system. If you stopped drinking at midnight you could still be over the drink drive limit at 10am. You can’t tell when you’re OK to drive again, but AlcoSense can, and we have them on the shelf and ready to go – perfect if you’re planning a road trip, as these are now a legal requirement to have on board. With prices starting from as little as £5.50, you can further details HERE.


As part of this range, we have also put together a kit that includes all you need for driving in Europe, as well as our “ultimate”  kit. With these bundles, you will receive breathalysers, hazard triangles, GB stickers, first aid kits and even a fire extinguisher. Please see below for links:

Happy and safe driving guys!


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