Paintwork looking a bit tired?

At Opies, we’re keen on quality brands, especially those with a history and track record that is world famous. One such brand is T-Cut. Originally known as “Tetrosyl Cutting Oil” they have been used for cleaning and restoring paintwork colour since 1954. That’s a fair old bit of experience in the world of bodywork restoration! You can see why they are confident enough to have “If it says T-Cut, it works”  printed on the tin.

We’re pleased to announce that their products are now on the shelf and ready to go, and first off, we’ll be taking a quick look at one of their most popular products – The T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection colour restorer range.

Over the years, your paintwork is attacked by various corrosive elements – from rain, saltwater, traffic film, grit and even bird mess all taking its toll on the finish and lustre of your paintwork. This leads to fading, scratches and a semi permanent layer of grime that clings to the surface, dulling the colour and gloss of your paintwork. Harmful UV rays can also “bleach” your bodywork – for the majority of us who don’t keep our cars in cover, your paintwork will be exposed to these factors 24 hours a day.

T-Cut have developed a special blend of exclusive products formulated to remove scratches and turn a dirty, dusty vehicle back to its original form when it was brand new. T-Cut 365 Ultimate will bring the shine back to the vehicles paintwork, whilst also polishing and sealing the surface, keeping your car looking brand new for up to 12 months!

T-Cut 365 is specially formulated to remove scratches, clean, shine and protects all vehicles for up to 12 months. The unique kits contain exclusive products; T-Cut Color Fast Extra 500ml – advanced colour restorer to remove scratches, intensify the colour and shine paintwork.

Coming as a kit, you will receive the following:

  • T-Cut Colour Fast
  • T-Cut Colour Seal
  • Microfibre Applicator Pad
  • Microfibre Cloth

Available in an array of colours to suit your specific bodywork colour, you can rest assured that this kit contains everything you need to get that finish and original radiance that your car had on the showroom floor! Have a look below for the colours that are available. Simply click on the one you’re after to be taken straight there, prices shown include your 10% discount with the code OPIEBLOG:

As you can see, it’s a small price to pay to get that perfect finish back. There will be more T-Cut products being added soon, so we’ll be sure to let you know as the range develops. Until then, it’s worth keeping an eye on our current offers page HERE, where you will find all kinds of goodies and special offers.

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