Opie Oils Ice Scrapers – from as little as 95p

There’s still a few months of cold weather left – don’t get caught in a cold snap!

The excuse of being late to work because you had to wait for your windscreen to defrost will only work so many times before the boss picks up on it. At Opie Oils, we’ve got the age old solution to this age old problem – Ice scrapers!




We’ve got a range of these essential winter motoring pieces, available in different colours and styles, we’re sure there’s something that you’ll find suitable. At Opie Oils, we’re of the opinion that if something isn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it – there’s a reason that a good quality ice scraper is still the quickest and most effective way of clearing your iced windscreen. This still rings true even 100 years after the invention of the windscreen, all the way back in 1904.


Combine this with our range of superb quality spray de-icers for the ultimate combination in battling those winter blues, and don’t forget about our Michelin and Sumex snow chains to keep you covered whatever the road throws at you!

Until next time, drive safe



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