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Oil Safe Systems at Opie Oils

Oil Safe is a company that takes the storage and management of fluids seriously – The OilSafe lubrication management system helps keep a safe, clean storage area and proves your commitment to best practices. Customizable, visually intuitive labels ensure consistent fluid identification throughout your manufacturing environment. With thei precise-pour transfer containers – all designed to simplify maintenance and safeguard your workflow. After years of delivering strong results, OilSafe has become the recognized standard in industries ranging from food and industrial products to mining.

If you are running a garage or workshop that aims to display the highest levels of commitment, then this is the brand for you.



Below, you will find links to the drums, lids and accessories that are available for purchase, simply click on the link for further information, pricing and variants.

  • DRUMS: Fully interchangeable with Oil Safe Lids, these drums have an extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning.
  • LIDS: To be used in conjunction with Oil Safe Drums, these lids are a prefect match designed to either store or dispense the containing oil for a variety of different needs.
  • ACCESSORIES: We stock a select range of accessories to be used in conjunction with other Oil Safe products, so if you need any additional items you will find them here.

Color coded and fully sealing, OIL SAFE lubricant transfer containers ensure the accurate delivery of clean lubricant from bulk storage to point of use every time. Replace rusty old metal oil cans and milk cartons with the Oil Safe system to keep your fluids clean and help eliminate costly contamination. Lubricants can be quickly identified reducing the risk of adding the wrong fluid to expensive mission-critical equipment.

– Protects valuable lubricants from contamination.

– Minimizes the risk of dangerous and costly oil spills and leakage.

– Makes lubrication work easier, faster, and safer.

That’s it from us today, but as always if you require any oil advice then feel free to ask. You can call us on 01209 202944 Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm, send us an email to or just ask us here and we will be happy to help.

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