Motul Valve Expert – A must have for classic engines

Are you the proud owner of a classic car, bike or boat? Or maybe you’ve got an old Atco or similar classic lawn mower tucked away? Well, if you do, then you’ll be aware of the importance of lead replacement additives. Basically, lots of old engines fitted with soft exhaust valve seats will require lead in the petrol – This lubricates and protects from recession, which is an integral part of keeping a classic engine in top performance. At Opies, we stock a product that is designed from the ground up as a top quality petrol lead replacement additive that is easy to use and gives guaranteed protection – Motul Valve Expert.


Motul Valve Expert has a unique formulation that is head and shoulders above the more basic products available. The majority of petrol lead replacements are potassium based, whereas Motul Valve Expert has an advanced Phosphorus formulation. This is proven to give outstanding valve seat lubrication, and increased levels of recession protection.

Easy to use

The design of the chambered bottle ensures you get the correct dosage every time. Simply press on the bottle to fill the upper container with the desired quantity, then pour directly into the petrol tank before refilling with unleaded fuel. It really is that easy, and below is a graph to show how much you will need dependant on the amount of fuel.

Dosage recommendation:

Treatment Amount ML of Valve Expert to use
10L 10ml
20L 20ml
50L 50ml
250L 250ml


NOTE: Must not be used with engines fitted with catalytic converters.

All in all, this product from Motul offers you peace of mind that your classic vehicle is protected and is suitable for use in a huge range of engines. It’s a small price to pay to ensure that everything runs smoothly – especially when you can get an additional 10% discount with the code OPIEBLOG.

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