Millers Oils NEW Flowcontrol bottles puts an end to a messy job!

MOEELLC3Say hello to Millers Oils NEW Flowcontrol bottle, In recent years Milllers Oils Ltd has been at the forefront of innovation with their range of products, they have now applied this innovation to a select range of engine oils (excluding motorsport oils and classic oils).

Millers Oils claims that 80 per cent of cars going into garages have low oil levels, but owners don’t like topping up because the job can be so messy. It looks like the team at Millers Oils have the solution, these new flowcontrol bottles allows the user to position their 5 litres of oil directly over the oil filler cap and use the screw valve to control the amount of oil flowing into the engine.

This short video narrated by Tiff Needell explains the journey that lead to this fantastic design and how to use the Flowcontrol bottle.

Opie Oils will be one of the first to stock these bottles, as soon as there available we will let everyone know, so stay tuned!!

– Opie Oils

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