Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax now only £7.37 at Opie Oils

Hi Folk’s

Opie Oils are at it again! We have lowered the price on Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax Fuel Treatment. It’s now only £7.37 for 5ooML!! That is a massive 45% off RRP!!



The Benefits of using Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax;

  • Increases Cetane Rating of Diesel by 4 Numbers
  • Prevents fuel from ageing
  • Provides fuel system corrosion control
  • Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings
  • Protection of fuel system
  • Improve throttle and engine reponse

The Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax is suitable for all diesel engines.

That’s all from Opie Oils today.





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