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We’ve got a quick heads up for you regarding a few Mahle filters that are changing part numbers and design – this process can cause some confusion with those that are used to receiving the same looking filter every service, so this is our way of putting your mind at ease.

The new oil filter OC 606 is the successor for the filters OC 266 and OC 244. The filter OC 244 has been partly replaced, as it affects only the applications Mazda and Volvo 1.6 I.
It sometimes causes slight confusion that the new OC 606 is smaller than the two filters it replaces. However, the application of a more efficient paper explains this effect. The new OC 606 contains a paper with optimized dust holding capacity.
  • In comparison to the replaced filters it is increased by around 70 % and thus allows a much smaller package as it requires less paper area to reach a similar performance.
  • In addition, this also meets the increased service interval of the automotive manufacturers.
You can find this filter HERE.

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at several fuel filter part numbers, and how changes in their design has kept them ahead of the curve in vehicle regulations.
The fuel filters KL 2, KL 79, KL 83, KL 84 have completely changed to stainless steel housing. The reason for this change is due to the North American Standard for OE fuel filter housings being stainless steel with brazed connections for safety requirements specific to the region – rather than change the manufacturing process for just this area, this change has been implimented for these part numbers globally.
  • There will be no concerns with quality or function, as filtration and lifetime is equal to that of a fuel filter with aluminium housing.
  • The copper-colored marks are caused by copper-based brazing paste, which is used to connect the housing to the tube via a brazing process under inert conditions. The excess is intended to be visible as a quality control to assure the presence of sufficient brazing material during the manufacturing process.
As ever, we will keep you updated of any changes, upgrades and alterations to the Mahle range. If you need to find the correct filter for your vehicle, our handy look up guide is HERE to help. You will also get 10% off everything you see with the code OPIEBLOG.
If you need some more in depth advice, give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to
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