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Local sponsor Sam Gilbert Race Report of Round 2 Xmoor Enduro Club’s ‘Brass Monkeys’

Local sponsor Sam Gilbert was in action in Round 2 of the South West Enduro Championship at Exmoor over the weekend. Due to a “school boy” error Sam was unable to finish, below is his race report, enjoy!

“It was a 5.30am start from Cornwall to get up on Exmoor in time, and the conditions were truly awful! Driving rain making the conditions really muddy! The first challenge was getting into the parking area, the organiser laid on a tractor to tow people in, it was that bad!

Xmoor Enduro Club had set a really challenging 10 mile long track, my start time was 10.21 am and my finish time was not due until nearly 4pm! Which, had the weather been nice, would have been one of the most amazing races ever! But in the conditions it was a nightmare. The open fields sections that normally give you a chance of a breather quickly turned into mud slicks, and ended up being harder to ride than the technical woodland sections. I was however doing all right, and the bike was running sweet thanks to the new products I was trying: The Motul Transoil gearbox oil and the Motul 800 2T 2stroke oil, which I would definitely recommend.  I then made the school boy error of thinking I had enough petrol in the tank at the end of my second lap and I ran out just over half way round the 3rd lap. I did manage to flag down a farmer in his pick-up, who kindly gave me a lift back to the pits to get my fuel can, but by the time I got back to the bike I had lost over 50 minutes on my allocated lap times, and so If I had continued to the end and done my full allocation of laps, it would have been dark, so bearing in mind the conditions, it wasn’t a hard choice at the time to retire, and I’ve been kicking myself since!

The only silver lining was that no one else in my class finished, in fact only 36 out of 200 starters managed it to the end, which gives you an idea of how tough it was! So I’m still sitting 3rd in the championship heading into round 3 on 13 April at Largin (near Bodmin).”

Thanks for the update Sam, hope you have better luck in round 3!

Opie Oils

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  1. Yes, we also left Cornwall at about 5.50 and couldn’t agree more about the conditions, whilst I was only there to support my grandsons Ross and Keelan Hancock, I have never seen mud like it, for me just to trudge around the start field was a major effort, and I know the boys found it tough going and weren’t particularly pleased with their day, But there we are, Looking forward to Largin which will at least cut the travelling time down to about 15 minutes.

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