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Heatshield Products have been making the most complete line of products for thermal and acoustical insulation needs since 1985. They pride themselves on the quality and honesty of their products. Unlike their competition Heatshield Products advertise the operational temperature and not what a product can sustain for 30 seconds or less! This includes the HeatShield Turbo Shields!


HeatShield Turbo Shields helps you improve the efficiency of your turbo by retaining heat inside with a heat shield. Using a turbo bag can increase boost, reduce turbo chatter or flutter, and help keep the turbo from lagging! In addition to aiding the efficiency of the turbo system, these heat shields can also reduce under hood temperatures by as much as 60%. Lowering your under hood temps, will lower intake temperatures, adding even more power!

How does a HeatShield Turbo Shields Work?

A turbo heat shield works much like and exhaust wrap or exhaust heat shield would. The turbine heat shield goes on like a bag to retain heat inside the turbo. This causes the exhaust gases inside the turbine to become hotter. This enables the turbo to spool up more quickly. Turbo blankets also help keep the turbine and compressor wheels spinning, when on and off the throttle. This is very useful when road racing and launching in and out of corner.

The Lava Turbo wrap reduces the turbo lag while protecting other engine components and reducing the temperature under the bonnet. The Lava turbo wrap can withstand temptresses us to 1,800 degrees.




Stealth Turbo Shield is a made to fit turbo heat bag. It retains the heat inside the turbo which may lower the temperatures under the bonnet by up to 40% this will also reduce the chatter and lag of the turbo. This also means you may find it might increase boost.



HP Turbo Shield is a custom-built heat wrap which can reduce the temperatures under the bonnet by up to 40% while increasing horsepower, while protecting other engine components.



HP Turbo Shield Kit features extreme-temperature insulation materials, which provide greater heat protection, performance and durability.



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