High quality spark plugs improve emissions in winter months. Fact!

With the winter months looming upon us, reliability is vital for drivers. But fuel efficiency and economy are increasingly important – and often overlooked – characteristics drivers now demand, meaning it is vital to have the most reliable and efficient ignition parts fitted.

These winter months result in an increase in cold starts which require effective spark plug performance. One of the leading causes of hard starting is degraded Spark Plugs which can have a highly negative impact on fuel consumption and emissions.


At Opies, we put quality first and foremost, which is why we are proud to stock a huge range of spark plugs from Denso. Their aftermarket Spark Plug range brings OE expertise and advanced technologies; providing you guys with quality replacement spark plugs at a great price, as well as ensuring lessened emissions and higher MPG accross the range.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence indicates that bad spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by up to 30%, and can cost drivers up to about £0.80 per gallon at today’s prices.

Denso is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of ignition technology, including spark plugs. DENSO Spark Plug range now has an OEM share of 25% globally. Pretty impressive eh? You don’t get to this point by making poor quality products. Combining pioneering technologies, superior performance and all-makes choice, DENSO’s replacement Spark Plugs deliver truly outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket.


Iridium TT


DENSO’s Iridium TT Spark Plugs feature the world’s smallest electrode diameter at 0.4mm requires less voltage to create the spark. This allows for a more effective spark and ensures improved performance across the spectrum, particularly on cold starts during the extreme weather in the winter months. The spark plugs significantly improves the combustion process hence enhancing vehicle performance and reducing emissions.





DENSO’s patented U-Groove spark plug is part of its Standard Spark Plug range for the aftermarket. It improves the combustion process by allowing the spark to fill the gap created by the U shape. The ball of fire created in the U-Groove develops a larger and hotter flash front that virtually eliminates excessive fouling and erratic starts caused by poor fuel mixtures.


The innovative design that helped to make DENSO spark plugs famous, the U-Groove plug employs a unique, channelled ground electrode designed to generate a larger spark nucleus at the point of ignition. Greater spark energy than ordinary plugs means improved flame travel, producing more complete, consistent, and efficient combustion.

You can use our really handy look up guide HERE to find the correct spark plugs or glow plugs for your specific vehicle – simply enter your car details to get started. Don’t forget to use the code OPIEBLOG at checkout to get 10% off your order!

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