HeatShield Thermal Insulation Tapes from Opies

As you can imagine, the engine bay can be a seriously hot place to be when the engine is under power, especially on modified engines – this puts electricals and various other fragile components at considerable risk. Fuel lines, wires, pipes and hoses are all exposed to huge temperatures that are generated in this small and enclosed space.

HeatShield Products are at the forefront of developing products that are designed specifically for protecting sensitive areas, keeping the heat away and insulating where necessary – allowing you to push the limit of  what your engine is capable of, with confidence. It means alot to have peace of mind when you’re on the track!

Opie Oils stock a wide range of HeatShield Products thermal insulation tapes, all offering specific benefits for the particular job at hand. From sealing air intakes to protecting your intercooler pipes, there is a product that will suit your needs.

The entire range of HeatShield Products thermal insulation tapes can be found HERE. You will find benefits and technical details as well as handy instructions on the best way of installing it. Below are links with a brief description of their uses:

  • HP Racers Tape – HP Racers Tape is a self- emulsifying silicone tape that provides rugged heat protection for your hot rod or race car. Offering continuous protection up to 232 Degrees Celsius and intermittent cover up to 316 Degrees Celsius. Perfect for wrapping up wire looms whilst remaining flexible, and can even be used to temporarily fix holes in radiator hoses!
  • HP Thermaflect Tape – This HeatShield tape reflects up to 90% of radiant heat, offering continuous protection up to 593 Degrees Celsius and 1093 Degrees Celsius intermittently. As well as being a quick solution to heat problems, there are also many other benefits and applications to using this product including cables and hoses. This product requires a minimum of 1 inch of airspace to work best, however it can even withstand 260 Degrees Celsius of direct contact! Available in various sizes to cover all types of jobs.
  • HP Cool Foil Tape – This light weight thermal insulating tape reflect radiant heat away from wires, lines, cables and more on your hot rod or track car. Capable of withstanding continuous operating temperatures of 538 Degrees Celsius and intermittent temperatures of 1093 Degrees Celsius, it is a perfect way to insulate components without disassembly. It can be cut to shape and will stick to any clean surface, this premium insulation can withstand temperatures up to 204 Degrees Celsius direct contact heat, and reduces up to 80% of radiant heat!

You can view all of HeatShields Products HERE, where you will find Turbo Shields, Exhaust Wraps and Thermal Ties. Don’t forget to use the code: OPIEBLOG to get 10% off anything that catches your eye!

If you need any advice, we’re only a phone call away on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to sales@opieoils.co.uk. We’ll be happy to provide any information you may need.

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