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Give your Kawasaki a boost with K&N

When you peruse a list of the fastest production motorcycles throughout the years, the Kawasaki brand emerges as a consistent front runner. The companys obsession with speed and power is legendary. Kawasaki and K&N are kindred spirits in the ongoing pursuit of performance.

Kawasaki’s history of speed

Interestingly, Kawasaki’s relentless quest for more acceleration dates back the decade in which K&N was founded. The Kawasaki H1, a raucous 2-stroke triple, left blue smoke and burnout marks on the roads in 1969. Yes, that’s the same year that K&N invented the reusable, high-flow air filter. Coincidence? We think not.

Kawasaki’s fire-breathing H1 was just the first of the companys models to rise to “Speed King” status. The legendary “Z” series was born in the early 1970s with the inline 4-cylinder, 900cc Z1. In the decade of bell-bottoms and tie-dye, the Z series expanded first to 1000cc and then the monstrous inline 6-cylinder Z1300.

The early 1980s brought a continued refinement of the Z series and by the middle of the decade, the GPz line of speedsters emerged from the Japanese mist. The late 1980s spelled the birth of a true speed legend. The iconic ZX-10 Ninja was an industry-changing model.

Through the 1990s the ZX platform was offered up in a variety of displacements and engine tunes. The ZX and ZRX machines brought speed to the masses and grew the Kawasaki reputation for power and performance.

The change of the millennium brought with it refined, cutting edge and exciting iterations of Kawasaki speedsters. The modern ZX-10 and ZX-14 sport bikes are staples on the racetrack, drag strip, and anywhere else that speed is king. On the street, the modern ZX bikes bring “power to the people.”

K&N Performance for the ZX-10

It’s no secret that more airflow means the potential for more power and acceleration, and that’s just what K&N air filters are all about. Your 2011-2015 ZX-10 will breathe easier with the free-flowing K&N KA-1011 direct replacement air filter. The cotton gauze filter element is fully washable and reusable, making it a smart and economical performance upgrade for the ZX-10.

If you ride the newest incarnations of the ZX-10, K&N has developed the KA-1016 high flow air filter. This fits the 2016 and 2017 ZX-10R and is carefully engineered to supply more air to those four thirsty cylinders.

K&N knows that performance without protection brings short-lived satisfaction. That’s why both the  KA-1011 and the KA-1016 are designed to flow more CLEAN air. K&Ns rigorous testing shows an oversall filtration efficiency of almost 98% with the KA-1016 filter. The KA-1011 has an overall efficiency of over 99%. That’s protection you can trust!

If your 2011-2015 ZX-10 is a race bike or a track-day mount, K&N has you covered with the race-specific KA-1011R. The KA-1011R is designed with just two layers of the oiled, cotton gauze filter media for the ultimate in airflow for track-only use.

Obviously, you also want your ZX10s lifeblood to run clean and free. The KN-303 and KN-303C (chrome version) oil filters fit the 2011-2017 ZX-10 and include the ultra convenient 17mm nut on the housing for easy removal. All K&N oil filters are built with a heavy duty housing as well as an efficient internal filtration media for extreme conditions.

K&N Performance for the ZX-14

Owners of the 2006 – 2011 ZX-14 know that it is a horsepower producing monster. However, performance is addictive and Ninja owners are a breed that can’t get enough of the good stuff. K&N offers a high flow air filter for the big Kawasaki.

The K&N KA-1406 is built around the same iconic filter media as the ZX-10 unit, but in the unique shape that the ZX-14 requires. The model-specific frame and sealing bead make for a perfect fit in the ZX-14 air box, and the free-flowing design supplied more air to the huge 1400cc power plant. More air means the potential for even more arm stretching acceleration.

Importantly, the KA-1406 air filter will not void the vehicle warranty and works perfectly with the factory electronics in the ZX-14. K&N also has your ZX-14 oil filtration needs covered. The KN-303 and KN-303C oil filters fit ZX-14 and ZX-14R models from 2006-2017.

You will find all the fitment details on each listing, and if you need to find the exact K&N product for your vehicle, then just use our handy look up guide HERE. You lucky blog readers can even get 10% off everything you see with the code OPIEBLOG. Use it!

For technical enquiries, give us a call on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to sales@opieoils.co.uk, and we will get on it ASAP.

Until next time folks, keep those wires tight!



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