Give your car that MER Auto Shine Look

Mer cleaning and detailing products have been around for a long time and are proven to have extremely impressive results. Who wouldn’t want high quality premium products to keep their pride and joy pristine condition inside and out? MER Auto Shine give you that high quality premium shine


Opie Oils stocks the complete range of MER Auto Shine Products

MER Clear Mist Glass Cleaner: this non-drip misting formula means windows inside and out are effortlessly smear free and crystal clear. This is safe to use on all glass and plastic windows.

MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax: designed to combine an effortless ultra fast application with a silky, deep gloss finish locking in a durable protective coating, Mer Finishing Wax is water resistant.

MER Power Foam Wheel Cleaner: removes dirt, traffic film and brake dust to leave a deep gloss luster While deep cleaning, its unique formulation contains gentle alkali’s making it safe to use on all wheel finishes, including alloys.

MER Ultimate Shine Polish: conditioning agents nourish and restore dull paintwork, removing micro-scratches and swirls.

MER High Shine Shampoo: making sure your paintwork is clean not only ensures that your vehicle looks great but it an also removes damaging contaminants from the paint surface, which in the long run will help prevent rust and paint blemishes appearing

MER Multi Surface Interior Cleaner: provides a deep clean to remove annoying stains including grease and chocolate.  Ideal for use on all interior vehicle surfaces including fabric/upholstery, mats and chrome as well as leaving a non-sticky finish on plastics.

MER Rapid Dry Tyre Shine: restores your tyre’s natural appearance quickly and easily for a high gloss or a matte finish.

Auto Shine techologie stands for simple, efficient and effective advanced car care protection.

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