Dents in your bodywork? Not a problem!

Getting dents removed or “pulled” in a bodyshop can be an expensive route when improving the bodywork of your vehicle. In reality, your vehicle is bound to accrue an unsightly collection of dents and dings over the years – one of the most frustrating things is getting your vehicle back from the bodyshop, freshly repaired and dent free, only for you to need to book it in again a couple of weeks later. Well, those days could be a thing of the past for those budding workshop fanatics and bodywork tinkerers out there, with the Power-Tec spot welder!

The Power-TEC Spot Welder 92314 is supplied as a kit that contains the stud welder, a slide hammer and various electrodes and fittings. It is designed for fast, efficient body repair, removing dents quickly, and works from the outside, thus can be used on double-skinned panels and without the need to remove interior trim and fittings. Designed for welding panel pulling pins, pull washers and squiggly wire.

So how does this help me remove the dents from my van you ask? Well, a stud nail welder is basically a tool that welds a small stud to the metal surface to perform dent repair. This stud provides something for the t-handle or slide hammer to grab on to. Force can then be applied to remove the damage, pulling the dent out to to its original shape. Just remember, you will need to remove paint on the area that you are pulling, the tip must make direct contact with the metal to produce the weld. From there on out, it’s a matter of patience and most importantly practice.

On the product page HERE, you will find a PDF that shows you how to get started and how to use the various parts that come with it. You can also find loads of really helpful videos and tutorials online, and before you know it you’ll be pulling dents with the best of them. Next stop, opening your own bodywork repair shop!

This handy kit comes with loads of goodies to get you started too, including the following:


  • Nail electrodes
  • Washer and bit electrode
  • Bit outer extension earth
  • Squiggly wire electrode
  • Shrinking diode for singe spot tips

Slide hammer fittings:

  • Nail lock, inner and outer
  • Bit pulling head
  • Multi-hook head


  • 50 pull washers
  • 50 pulling bits
  • 50 squiggly wire

You can find this product HERE. Lightweight and with all the necessary CE approvals, this is a great value piece of kit that allows you to do bodywork repairs from home – at the fantastic price of just £348.25! To get this price, just quote the code OPIEBLOG at checkout to get your 10% discount.

As part of this new range, we also offer an array of welding accessories and tools. From electrodes, lubricants, welding tips and gas cups and safety gear to a selection of various mig and flux welding wire.

If you need a bit of advice on the correct filter for your vehicle, just give us a call on 01209 202 949 or drop us an email to As ever, we’re in the office Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 5:30.

Until next time!


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