Classic car owner? Time for an oil change?

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Today we’re going to be talking about sump plugs and classic cars. Specifically, magnetic sump plugs and the benefits of upgrading to one with your classic vehicle.

We all know that owning a classic car is a blessing as well as a curse. A double-edged sword, to be dramatic. You’ll need a considerable amount of patience, passion and know-how to make sure your classic car makes it to all the shows and rallies each year. Even the most enthusiastic DIY mechanic can be at his wits end before you even get it on the road. However, at Opies, we believe that this is a price well worth paying to be the proud owner of a vintage vehicle – those classic curves and that unique driving experience don’t come for free.

Due to the way a classic engine is put together, and the tolerences inherent in its design, they naturally have slightly “dirtier” engines in comparison to your run of the mill modern car. Dirt and metal particles are your enemy, and they run around in the oil, which of course leads to numerous wear and mechanical issues. Thankfully, your prayers have been answered – Opies have a simple solution which will drastically improve the efficiency of your engine and make it all the more reliable. Gold Plugs!



Gold Plug manufactures top of the range magnetic sump plugs which are designed to collect and hold any swarf or metal particles from running around your engine. Simply replace your standard sump plug with a Gold Plug when you do your next oil change, and you’re good to go.  Take a look at some of the Tech Specs:

  • Houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available.
  • Secured with a propriety 2 step process (no risk of magnet coming loose).
  • Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body.
  • Unaffected by fluctuating temperatures.
  • Holds swarf securely until the next oil change.
  • Fits wide range of classic cars.

Gold Plug is the perfect inexpensive upgrade which should be fitted to every car. With prices starting from £10.75 with your 10% discount code OPIEBLOG, we’re of the strong opinion that this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.  Of course, we’re not claiming that it will boost your engine by 50bhp and fix any possible engine issues, however, it will increase the efficiency and longevity of your engine – this is a proven product. With a massive range of sump plugs to fit most vehicles, old and new, have a look HERE for the fitment list for our current range. This range is constantly growing, so please get in touch if you are unsure about which plug you need. Below are a couple of examples of compatible vehicles that would benefit from this great product:




Jaguar E-Type: AP-10







Ford Escort MK1: AP-01/MP-02T






Classic Mini: AP-17







Porsche 911: AP-07/AP-22














Toyota Land Cruiser: AP-03/AP-05S



You may be thinking “but I thought several vehicle manufacturers already used magnetic sump plugs as standard?” Well, you are correct, there are a few that do. However, there are few, if any, that match the quality of Gold Plug. Those that come close are very expensive, with very few compatible vehicles – On the other hand, Gold Plugs list of compatible cars is ever growing, and their prices are very competitive, especially when your 10% blog reader discount is applied.

All in all, Gold Plugs have been designed from the ground up to help keep your engine as clean as possible, with as fair a price tag as possible – a small blessing and a surprise when it comes to classic cars and their reputation for expense!

That’s all from us for today, but don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01209 202 949 or drop us an email to Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30. We’ll be happy to help with any technical enquiry you may have!

Until next time, folks.



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