Castrol Classics now available at Opie Oils

Castrol Classic Oils now available at Opie Oils

Good news, the fantastic range of Castrol Classic Oils are now available at Opie Oils. This includes Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Ancillaries, Clothing, Collectibles and Regalia.

We would like to introduce the range of products available, so lets start with the Castrol Classic Engine Oils.

Castrol Classic XL 20W-50 All Round Performance Multigrade Engine Oil

Ideal for pre 1980 modern classic cars, the XL 20W-50 is a conventional multigrade engine oil offering good all round performance. Formulated with high quality mineral oils and selected additives Castrol Classic XL 20W-50 offers excellent oil consumption and a high level of engine wear protection.

Castrol Classic XL30 High Quality Monograde Engine Oil

Castrol Classic XL 30 is a high quality monograde engine oil for pre-1950 veteran, vintage and classic cars. XL 30 offers excellent cold temperature starting and improved oil pressure at high operating temperatures. It can also be used in most types of manually operated gearboxes that are found fitted to vintage and classic cars.

Castrol Classic XXL40 High Quality Monograde Engine Oil

A high quality monograde engine oil recommended for single and multi-cylinder engines under both road and competition conditions. Castrol XXL40 is also recommended for many single and multi-cylinder pre-1970 classic motorcycles for engine and gearbox lubrication.

Castrol Classic XXL40 must not be mixed with Castrol R30 or R40 or with any other synthetic castor or synthetic based oils.

Castrol Classic GP50 Low Detergent SAE 50 Monograde Engine Oil

Castrol Classic GP50 is, broadly speaking, for pre-1950 performance cars and pre-1970 motorcycles. A traditional, low detergent SAE 50 monograde engine oil, which offers excellent high temperature performance, excellent noise suppression and a very high level of engine wear protection.

Castrol Running-In Oil Number 2 for New and Reconditioned Engines

Castrol Running-In Oil Number 2 is for the controlled running in of new and reconditioned engines. Use as an initial fill for a reconditioned engine for running in and as a second fill oil for new engines for up to 1200 miles. We suggest that you always refer to an expert for the exact running in procedure for your engine. If you would like to discuss this with us then please give us a call on 01209 202949.

As well as the Engine Oils, Castrol also offer a number of veteran, vintage and classic gear oils. This includes Castrol Classic TQF designed to meet Ford Specification ESW-M2C-33G, Castrol Classic ST90, Castrol Classic D140, Castrol Classic Hipress EP140 and Castrol Classic EP90.

With such an historic brand comes a range of Clothing, Collectibles and Regalia. Whether it’s a Castrol Classic Enameled Tin Mug a Castrol Classic Pouring Jug or some Castrol Classic clothing you can find all this at Opie Oils!

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