Any birthdays looming for detailing enthusiasts?

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Is there someone in the family that spends all weekend cleaning their car? Perhaps you’ve got a friend that’s got a bit of an obsession with detailing and bodywork, and you’re a bit stuck with what to get them? Well, at Opies, we’ve got the answer!

Freshly addded to the website, we now offer the CarPlan Demon Gift Pack. Stacked full of cleaning and detailing goodies, it’s got everything you need to fuel your obsession…

Coming in at just £22.45 with your 10% discount code OPIEBLOG, this is great value for money considering you get all of the following in the kit:

  • Demon Foam – Specially formulated to create a dense foam that clings to paintwork, effortlessly lifting dirt and contaminants from the surface. A high performance detergent that powerfully removes all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease leaving a steak free shine.
  • Demon Shine – Provides a just waxed finish without the hard work! No hard rubbing or polishing, just a mirror finish shine that lasts for weeks. Use on paintwork, wheels and bumpers.
  • Demon Clean – The revolutionary interior and exterior cleaner that leaves surfaces squeaky clean!
  1. Interior: Suitable for use on hard surfaces. Effectively removes dirt and grease from windows, dashboards and plastic trims, leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance.
  2. Exterior: Suitable for use on all plastic and trim surfaces to remove dirt and grime.
  • Demon Wheels – Suitable for use on all wheels including chrome, plastic, alloys and split rims. The Active Formula removes baked on brake dust, road grime and oil quickly.
  • Demon Tyres – Silicone Free Tyre Shine for wet look tyres. The easy one-step action provides shine and protection that lasts. The no wipe formula leaves a long lasting wet-look that seals in shine!
  • Large sponge – Designed to be super absorbant, it’s large surface area allows you to gently remove surface grime quickly and safely.
  • Microfibre cloth – A fine, supersoft cloth, its absorbant layers reduces the possibility of scratching, allowing you to get the desired finish on your paintwork.
  • Mighty Oak air freshener – The cherry on top, giving your interior a long lasting and refreshing scent!

This car detailing gift set is the perfect valeting pack for any enthusiast who takes pride in their ride. With a very generous array of products, all in 1 litre containers which cover several applications. You can view it HERE. There’s loads of new products being added all the time, so we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as this range develops.

In the meanwhile, if you need anything else, just give us a buzz on 01209 202 944 or drop us an email to We’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30 an we’ll be happy to help!

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