Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50: Extreme Duty Anti-Corrosion Wax

Bilt-Hamber Laboratories has always used research, innovative chemistry and thorough testing as the way to produce better performing products. Every product released for sale has been extensively compared to and tested for superiority against market leading and specialist competitive formulations.

Simply put, you can guarantee that anything that has the Bilt Hamber logo on it is a top quality product.

The Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50 is part of their anti-corrosion range, and we have it ready to go from as little as £15.95!



This has an array of benefits, all of which are important factors for keeping your vehicle protected this winter:

  • Class-leading long-term protection for cavities, voids, chassis, doors, mud traps machinery, boats etc
  • Resistant to changing conditions found in cavities, others are not
  • Self-healing, protects even if film is cut
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Displaces moisture
  • Kills existing corrosion
  • Deeply penetrates flanges and folded seams
  • Easy to use – atomises superbly
  • Low odour
  • See-through coating with brown tint
  • Provides Lubrication
  • Available in ready to use modular injection system

The 750ml aerosol version of this also comes with a free Bilt Hamber injector lance which sprays in four outward directions at once, and can be sprayed on extremely quickly and evenly.

Got more than one vehicle to do? Not a problem, we also have this available in 5 litre containers that can simply be brushed on. Coming in at £45.95, this makes it fantastic value for money!

We have a wide range of Bilt Hambers best offerings in stock, why not take a look HERE.

That’s all for now people, and remember, if there’s any advice you need about the best anti corrosion products to keep you protected this winter, just give us a shout!



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