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Battery failure – the most common cause of breakdown in winter


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At Opie Oils, we stock a wide range of battery chargers and testers and booster cables, perfect for keeping your battery in top condition over the winter months.

Due to sudden temperature decreases at this time of year, this can lead to what we like to call the “triple-whammy”

  • Battery power output drops

  • Ability to accept a charge drops, meaning that the battery doesn’t recharge as swiftly whilst you are driving

  • Battery load increases – lights, blowers, wipers, heated seat, rear screen heaters etc are used considerably more

Combine these with the fact that many cars stand unused over the Christmas holiday, it’s no surprise that the first day back to work after New Year is always one of the busiest of the year for breakdowns according to the AA.

However, with the right gear, you can keep your car, bike, truck or even tractor running smoothly throughout the depths of winter – Once your batteries are charged we also sell trickle chargers to keep them topped up, condition testers, performance testers and battery refreshers & conditioners – even solar powered battery chargers for your motor home.


That’s about it from us for now, and remember, drive safe and happy new year!


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