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  • April 2017
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Brand spanking new Thule products, just added

Hi guys

Since we began selling Thules world famous products, they have proven to be extremely popular. Their reputation as manufacturers of quality storage and transport solutions has set them apart from the competition, providing durable and practical options for a huge variety of applications – from transporting your kayak, bikes and an array of other difficult to secure items, there is no other brand that has as many options.

The newest additions to the range, are Thules bicycle and touring accessories, all of which offer benefits when you’re out and about on your bike, whether it’s popping to the shops, commuting to work or on an adventure in the Alps!



Paintwork looking a bit tired?

At Opies, we’re keen on quality brands, especially those with a history and track record that is world famous. One such brand is T-Cut. Originally known as “Tetrosyl Cutting Oil” they have been used for cleaning and restoring paintwork colour since 1954. That’s a fair old bit of experience in the world of bodywork restoration! You can see why they are confident enough to have “If it says T-Cut, it works”  printed on the tin.

We’re pleased to announce that their products are now on the shelf and ready to go, and first off, we’ll be taking a quick look at one of their most popular products – The T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection colour restorer range.

Any birthdays looming for detailing enthusiasts?

Hi all

Is there someone in the family that spends all weekend cleaning their car? Perhaps you’ve got a friend that’s got a bit of an obsession with detailing and bodywork, and you’re a bit stuck with what to get them? Well, at Opies, we’ve got the answer!

Freshly addded to the website, we now offer the CarPlan Demon Gift Pack. Stacked full of cleaning and detailing goodies, it’s got everything you need to fuel your obsession…