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Winter is coming…

With the advent of the cold weather, dropping temperatures can affect various electrical components on your vehicle – it’s no wonder that this is the busiest time of the year for breakdown services.

To quote a well known fantasy TV show “Winter is coming” and this puts considerable strain on all parts of your vehicles systems. So, spare a thought for those key components of your vehicle that bare the brunt of the winter season. Have a look below for a quick heads up on some of these more common products that are known to suffer.

Get a grip! Snow chains ready to go at Opies

Let’s be honest, when it snows in the UK, everything grinds to a halt. School and work is cancelled, public transport isn’t running and pretty much all aspects of our infrastructure is unable to cope the minute that the first few flakes start to fall. Panic ensues.

However, YOU can be a shining beacon of hope and stability in these dark and wintery times, powering through the snow drifts to save the day. How, you ask? Well, snow chains of course!


Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 Pure Plus at Opie Oils

If you are looking for Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 for your vehicle then Opie Oils have you covered.

Shell Oil is recognised as the world leader in lubricant technology. Shell Oil investment in lubricant research and development is unrivalled, and their experience extends over 75 years. Shell Oils scientists are constantly testing and improving oils. Opie Oils stock and sell the very popular Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 Pure Plus Fully Synthetic Engine Oil.