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Castrol Classic Oils at Opies

Established in 1899, originally as C.C.Wakefield, Castrol launched their first lubricant for cars in 1906 and has been at the leading edge of motor technology ever since.
Choosing the right engine oil for your veteran, vintage or classic vehicle is essential for ensuring peak running condition and maximum wear protection for your engine.
To make this decision easier, Castrol produce a range of famous Classic oil brands to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, but now using the latest technology, where appropriate, and low detergent formulations to protect your veteran, vintage and classic vehicle.
Historically, many motor manufacturers recommend Castrol by name in their original vehicle handbooks and now today’s owners are able to follow those original recommendations.
Castrol’s oil recommendations for vintage, veteran and classic vehicles date back to the turn of the last century.



AUTOGLYM at Opie Oils

The Autoglym brand was founded in 1965 by a UK Motor Trade entrepreneur Dennis Barley who developed a unique system for renovating used car paintwork. Originally, there were 11 products in their range, including polishes, a sealant, a paint renovator and glass, interior, engine and wheel cleaners. The products were only available to professional valeters working in garages and workshops, however, in 1986 Autoglym launched their retail range consisting of existing products and some developed especially for home users.


Planning a summer holiday in France?

As you may have noticed, at Opie Oils, we’re pretty keen on all different types of vehicles, from modified race cars to super bikes. However, we’re also big fans of not losing our driving licences, and are extremely keen not to cause any accidents by drink driving. Well, Alcosense breathalysers show your alcohol level within two minutes. Don’t take a chance – check before you drive. Approved for use in France where it is mandatory to carry an alcohol breathalyser in your car.