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New product alert!

As the popularity of our roof racks and roof bars grows, it came to our attention that there was a slight gap in the range that we have on offer…we did not stock a value range!

Well, we at Opie Oils are quick to adapt, and are pleased to announce that we now sell a range of value railing roof bars from Summit – with the added bonus of them being a universal fit application. No more worrying about fitment and compatability, these simply fit to your vehicles pre-installed roof rails.


Fuchs Titan Race Synchro 75w-90 GL4

FUCHS TITAN RACE SYNCHRO 75W-90 GL4 is a heavy duty manual transmission fluid for use in manual transmissions including synchromesh types fitted to many high performance cars.

It utilises the latest and most advanced additive technology along with selected fully synthetic base stocks with Ester to provide outstanding thermal stability and excellent corrosion protection. The modern additive technology also provides outstanding load carrying and antiwear performance – protecting driveline components under the most demanding applications and operating conditions.

Designed for use in manual transmissions operating under arduous and high speed applications where an oil of this viscosity and performance level is specified, especially recommended for road going track cars.


Kamasa tools at Opie Oils

In 1968 The brand name Kamasa was founded by ZJ Kamasa. Today, Kamasa Tools is the premium brand for those of you who want tools with function, durability, and feel all in a class of its own.  At Opie Oils, we are proud to stock their products, from ratchet straps to 150 piece mechanics tool sets!


RaceX tyre gauges – new additions to range

RaceX are known for making sturdy, simple to use pressure gauges that provide accurate and easy to read results – popular in garages and on the track, Opie Oils have now expanded our RaceX products to offer a comprehensive range. Whether you’re planning a road trip in your family car, or checking the tyres on your sports bike before an event, we’ve got the gauge for you!


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