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Absaar Battery Chargers at Opies

Absaar are a brand that are well known for creating high quality vehicle batttery chargers at affordable prices. At Opie Oils, we stock their highly reliable manual battery chargers, including the 6 AMP and 8 AMP options. With over 40 years of German technology behind their brand, their products are reliable, durable and simple to use – the perfect addition to any workshop or garage.


For our full range of battery chargers and testers, booster cables, battery clamps and other related electrical items, please follow THIS LINK.

Need a bit of info to help make the right battery charger choice? Need some FAQs for reference? Not a problem, have a look below.

Which charger goes with which battery?
This can be worked out using a simple formula: The battery’s Ah number divided by 10 gives the charger’s ampere rating; this device charges a battery within 12 hours (overnight), when the battery is 50% discharged.

Can a maintenance-free battery be charged, as well?
Yes, this is possible. However, charging needs to be monitored.
CAUTION: Never charge a battery over 14.6V, since batteries form gases and cannot be refilled with distilled water. Do not charge for more than 8 hours.

Does the battery have to be disconnected, in order to be charged?
For safety reasons, we recommend this for all devices! If charging goes unsupervised, the vehicle voltage can reach such a high value that the on-board electronics becomes damaged! Prior to charging the battery, the potentially available battery plug has to be removed. When charging, the battery can accumulate gas and if leaking acid splatters it can corrode or cauterize the engine’s plastic parts.

Can a GEL battery be charged, as well?
Yes, but only using charging devices specially designed for gel batteries. A charging device for gel batteries should not exceed the end voltage of 14.2 Volts.

How can I keep my battery in hibernation?
Batteries may remain continually connected only to charging devices with an electronic charge maintenance function. Conventional charging devices cannot and must not remain continually connected, since a residual current continually flows, thereby leading to overcharging (gassing) of the battery.

We hope this helps, if you need any further advice on the correct battery charger for your application, just give us a call on 01209 202 949 or drop us an email at opieoils.co.uk and we will be happy to help – we’re in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:30.


NGK range grows at Opie Oils

NGK has become the brand leader in the UK spark and glow plug market and the number one choice of the professional as a result of its quality, technical excellence and total commitment to Research and Development. This has led to major successes with vehicle manufacturers worldwide who are increasingly specifying bespoke plugs so as to achieve maximum efficiency from their new engines.



Get your caravan shining for summer!

At Opie Oils, we stock a range of caravan specific items, and it is a range that we are constantly adding to. Within our caravan and touring range is a brand called Fenwicks – those of you experienced with caravans or enjoy touring, will be familiar with the brand. For those of you that are new to it, Fenwicks specialises in creating only the best quality caravan care and cleaning products, with the added bonus of being designed and made right here in the UK.