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Mahle filters range expands at Opie Oils

Mahle have a long tradition in the filter industry. MAHLE—historically a developer of engine components—recognized early how important optimally functioning filters are for the circulation of engine air and fluids. After all, efficient combustion requires good filtration—regardless of whether oil, fuel or intake air has to be cleaned. And because people stay healthy only when they breathe clean air, cabin air filters are another important part of their program.

Waxoyl – the all round rustproofing treatment

Hammerite first appeared in 1962, and soon developed a name for quality products with its unique formulation. Today, Hammerite is sold in over 55 countries worldwide. Their knowledge and understanding of metal remains unrivalled and Hammerite continues to be supported by world-class research and innovation – therefore, you can rest assured that when they produced Waxoyl, they knew what they were doing.

BlueCat Adblue NOx reductant fluid

Got a truck or bus registered after 2006?

AdBlue is a high purity non-toxic solution of Urea in demineralised water used in the exhaust systems of Euro4 or Euro5 trucks to reduce harmful emissions. AdBlue is a trade mark owned by the VDA, most truck manufacturers use the SCR system which requires AdBlue. To protect the SCR system the vehicle manufacturers have issued a specification standard ISO 22241 for the quality of AdBlue.

Opie Oils have this on the shelf and ready to go – with prices starting from as little as £9.95



Also included with the 2 litre bottle is a handy filler cap that can be re-used, and the 10 litre can comes with a detachable filler hose.


  • Mercedes OEM Number 000 583 01 07
  • VW/Audi OEM Number G052 910 A2
  • BMW OEM Number 83 19 0 441 139
  • Mazda OEM Number 0000-AD-0002

AdBlue is stored in a separate tank on the vehicle. It is precisely metered into the hot exhaust manifold where the urea solution breaks-down into Ammonia and reacts with exhaust gasses in the presence of a catalytic converter.  The oxides of nitrogen formed at combustion are converted into harmless elementary nitrogen and water. This method is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).  It is a common misconception that AdBlue is a fuel additive.

Need a bit more info? Have a look below at the diagram explaining how all this works:



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